Monday, May 26, 2014

THE OUT VIGIL - Coffee Talk with Ian Schimpf

Ian Schimpf is designing the set & lights for The Out Vigil. He enjoys a good GLASS of screech, wants to travel back in time, and is still grounded enough to mention how great his parents are. Class. Act.

(What? Who?)

1. How did you become involved with THE OUT VIGIL? 

I was doing the Set and Lighting design for the Arts Club remount of Bomb-itty of Errors. Emailing back and forth with Sabrina about that show, she asked if i wanted to design this show. The rest is history.

(Living the dream.)

2. If you had to live in either Alaska or Newfoundland - which would you pick?

Newfoundland. Thanks to my dad, I quite enjoy a glass of Newfoundland Screech.

(I don't know where to begin... This is a great photo.)

3. What is something that you consider to be a mind-altering piece of art?

What they are doing with Projection mapping now, that stuff is amazing.


4. What would your dream theatre project be?

I think it would be great to do a show going back to the whole pageant wagon days, It would be awesome to just pull up to spot, open you wagon having it designed like a pop up book, and as the doors are opening your set is coming together as well, then show is ready to go, perform for whatever audience shows up, take it all down, and move on to the next place.

(Staying lit.)

5. Give a shout-out to someone... 

To my parents, who have stood by and supported me (mentally, and financially) while pursuing my creative dreams.

BONUS: What's a youtube video everyone should know about? 

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