Thursday, May 22, 2014

THE OUT VIGIL - Coffee Talk with Gili Roskies

Gili Roskies has been a busy actor this past year. She just got nominated for a Jessie Richardson Theatre Award as part of the outstanding ensemble in Anton Lipovetsky's Cool Beans (Solo Collective Theatre). She's so busy that it almost seems as though she answered these questions while running down the street - perhaps to fight crime? This is possibly the quickest Coffee Talk we've ever featured...

 (Gili with her Out Vigil co-star Matthew MacDonald-Bain. Photo by David Cooper.)

1. How did you become involved in The Out Vigil? 

Sabrina asked if I could audition for the role of Lizzie. Said she had received my contact info from Julie.

2. If you had to live in either Alaska or Newfoundland – which would you pick? 

Have not lived in either.

(What's so great about Gili? She's just a good-looking rebel who plays by her own rules...)

3. What is something that you consider to be a mind-altering piece of art? 

Eric Whitacre's Luxe Aurumque. And Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

4. What would your dream theatre project be?

A piece of physical theatre that used a lot of sound and music to support itself. A mask show. An honest musical.

(Blue Steel.)

5. Give a shout-out to someone… 

A shout-out to my parents who are so far away. I know how much they would enjoy seeing this show seeing as it's so supported by tradition. Love ya.

BONUS: What’s a youtube video everyone should know about?

I really relate to David after the dentist. He's so lost. Seeking help. In the moment. Watch it. I know it's old.

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