Monday, May 26, 2014

THE OUT VIGIL - Coffee Talk with Ian Schimpf

Ian Schimpf is designing the set & lights for The Out Vigil. He enjoys a good GLASS of screech, wants to travel back in time, and is still grounded enough to mention how great his parents are. Class. Act.

(What? Who?)

1. How did you become involved with THE OUT VIGIL? 

I was doing the Set and Lighting design for the Arts Club remount of Bomb-itty of Errors. Emailing back and forth with Sabrina about that show, she asked if i wanted to design this show. The rest is history.

(Living the dream.)

2. If you had to live in either Alaska or Newfoundland - which would you pick?

Newfoundland. Thanks to my dad, I quite enjoy a glass of Newfoundland Screech.

(I don't know where to begin... This is a great photo.)

3. What is something that you consider to be a mind-altering piece of art?

What they are doing with Projection mapping now, that stuff is amazing.


4. What would your dream theatre project be?

I think it would be great to do a show going back to the whole pageant wagon days, It would be awesome to just pull up to spot, open you wagon having it designed like a pop up book, and as the doors are opening your set is coming together as well, then show is ready to go, perform for whatever audience shows up, take it all down, and move on to the next place.

(Staying lit.)

5. Give a shout-out to someone... 

To my parents, who have stood by and supported me (mentally, and financially) while pursuing my creative dreams.

BONUS: What's a youtube video everyone should know about? 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

THE OUT VIGIL - Coffee Talk with Christina Cuglieta

(No doubt something beautiful & romantic is happening here.)

Christina Cuglieta has worked across Canada as an actor, musician, and musical director. She is a graduate of Canada College of Performing Arts. We are thrilled to feature her musical talents in The Out Vigil.

1. How did you become involved with THE OUT VIGIL?

Through the playwright Julie. We met through some mutual friends and both studied @ CCPA, though not at the same time.

(Finding a good yoga spot is important.)

2. If you had to live in either Alaska or Newfoundland - which would you pick?

Canada is cool, so I'm going to have to go with Newfoundland, although Alaska is a place I'd like to visit, and if it were part of our great nation, I might have to re-think my answer.

(She's got moves for any occasion.)

3. What is something that you consider to be a mind-altering piece of art?


4. What would your dream theatre project be?

Any multi-disciplinary projects with good peeps.

5. Give a shout-out to someone... 

Dennis and Catherine, hollaaaaaa.

(Christina is well-suited to our play about living close to water...)

BONUS: What's a youtube video everyone should know about? 

You're asking the wrong gal. That's not the name of the video. I am just not much of a YouTuber. No bonus points for me:(

... You're in luck, Christina, Twenty Something Theatre has provided a youtube video for you:

Saturday, May 24, 2014

THE OUT VIGIL - Coffee Talk with Matthew MacDonald-Bain

Matthew MacDonald-Bain is an actor and musician who has spent much of the last year working behind the scenes on various theatre projects, including Hardline's Of Mice & Men and Bug. He plays music with The Savoys.  Twenty Something is thrilled to be putting him front & centre in The Out Vigil - May 28-31 at the Havana.

(Malcom Dow & Matt are nominated for a Jessie Award for Of Mice & Men)

1. How did you become involved with THE OUT VIGIL? 

I was asked to come in and read for one of the workshops this past Fall. When the workshop weekend was finished, they asked if I'd like to stick around!

2. If you had to live in either Alaska or Newfoundland - which would you pick? 

Most of my mom's side of the family lives in Nova Scotia and I always said that at some point I'd like to live there. I guess Newfoundland's close enough.

(Not sure if that's a wink or a squint but the background looks nice.)

3. What is something that you would consider to be a mind-altering piece of art?

I would have to say Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side comic strips. I read and re-read them growing up and I feel like they not only shaped my humour, they also helped me form an interesting perspective on my life.

4. What would you dream theatre project be?

I would love to be a part of another production of Les Misérables. Beautiful musical that I wouldn't have to dance in.

(Sweet tree.)

5. Give a shout-out to someone... 

Shout-out to my grandma in Arisaig, NS! See you soon!

(Judging Matt's life by the pictures he shared, this guy's got it all.)

Bonus: What's a youtube video everyone should know about?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

THE OUT VIGIL - Coffee Talk with Gili Roskies

Gili Roskies has been a busy actor this past year. She just got nominated for a Jessie Richardson Theatre Award as part of the outstanding ensemble in Anton Lipovetsky's Cool Beans (Solo Collective Theatre). She's so busy that it almost seems as though she answered these questions while running down the street - perhaps to fight crime? This is possibly the quickest Coffee Talk we've ever featured...

 (Gili with her Out Vigil co-star Matthew MacDonald-Bain. Photo by David Cooper.)

1. How did you become involved in The Out Vigil? 

Sabrina asked if I could audition for the role of Lizzie. Said she had received my contact info from Julie.

2. If you had to live in either Alaska or Newfoundland – which would you pick? 

Have not lived in either.

(What's so great about Gili? She's just a good-looking rebel who plays by her own rules...)

3. What is something that you consider to be a mind-altering piece of art? 

Eric Whitacre's Luxe Aurumque. And Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

4. What would your dream theatre project be?

A piece of physical theatre that used a lot of sound and music to support itself. A mask show. An honest musical.

(Blue Steel.)

5. Give a shout-out to someone… 

A shout-out to my parents who are so far away. I know how much they would enjoy seeing this show seeing as it's so supported by tradition. Love ya.

BONUS: What’s a youtube video everyone should know about?

I really relate to David after the dentist. He's so lost. Seeking help. In the moment. Watch it. I know it's old.

Monday, May 19, 2014

THE OUT VIGIL - Coffee Talk with Peter Boychuk

Peter Boychuk is the dramaturg(e) for Twenty Something's production of Julie McIsaac's The Out Vigil. You might also remember him as the director of Sean Minogue's Prodigals back in 2011 and 2010. Peter is also a playwright and all-around theatre guy who can often be found in the offices of Rumble Theatre.

(Peter keeps it classy in some green space.)

1. How did you become involved with THE OUT VIGIL? 

I was dramaturge and director for Prodigals, Twenty Something's first Spotlight show. Obviously, Sabrina forgot what a pain in the ass I am, because she invited me back for this.

2. If you had to live in either Alaska or Newfoundland - which would you pick? 

I grew up in Whitehorse, Yukon so I've had my fill of the North. Plus I love East Coast music. So Newfoundland here I come!

(The playwright at work...)

3. What is something that you consider to be a mind-altering piece of art? 

The last show that knocked my socks off was Lepage's "Far Side of the Moon" - such a beautiful marriage of spectacle and storytelling.

4. What would your dream theatre project be?

 The Out Vigil: Live on the Bering Sea!

(With Sean Minogue, presumably back in Prodigals days.)

5. Give a shout-out to someone... 

Julie McIsaac, for writing such a fucking great play.

BONUS: What's a youtube video everyone should know about? 

Well, our show is about a couple kids from Little Harbour going to Alaska, so how about a video of a bunch of Newfies covering REM?

The Out Vigil plays May 28-31 at the Havana Theatre. Buy tickets HERE

Saturday, May 17, 2014

THE OUT VIGIL - Coffee Talk with Julie McIsaac

Meet Julie McIsaac, whose debut play THE OUT VIGIL is about to receive a workshop production from Twenty Something Theatre May 28-31 at the Havana Theatre. Get tickets here.

(Julie with the cast of Ordinary Days - she produced & directed because she does that too...)

1. How did you become involved with THE OUT VIGIL? 

I wrote it.

(Getting her violin in shape for The Spitfire Grill)

2. If you had to live in either Alaska or Newfoundland - which would you pick? 

Well, I've never been to Alaska - I'll admit that up front - and perhaps this answer would be different if I had… Then again, no. I'd choose Newfoundland, regardless. I grew up in Ontario, but my dad's family is from Cape Breton, and I spent some really formative time out in the Maritimes when I was a teen… it's always felt like a good fit for me, being out east. I hadn't been to Nfld when I starting writing The Out Vigil, but I did travel out there a couple years ago, and, yup, I loved it. It actually really moved me, to be honest. In the play, Danny says something about how there are some things we don't choose, that some decisions seem to have been made in our blood and bones, long before we had the ability to think about them. That's how I feel about this question.

(Directing a photo shoot for another show she directed - The Exquisite Hour)

3. What is something that you consider to be a mind-altering piece of art?

Beethoven's ninth symphony, the Ode to Joy. I mean, that was all in his HEAD, it was something he conceived, in his effing BRAIN. And it's astounding. It makes me know that we are capable of such incredible magic. Because - oh yeah - he was pretty much DEAF, right??! Good Lord.

(Not Lord of the Flies... KING LEAR)

4. What would your dream theatre project be? 

Well…. seeing as my first full-length play is actually being produced… seeing as there are actors speaking the lines, and singers singing the music…. Well. This is kinda it. Of course I would love it if we had $100,000 and could get our hands on two dozen crab pots - and had a venue that could accommodate this. So I suppose it would be a dream to do my dream version of the play… But it's pretty great to just be doing it at all. Thank-you, TST!

(As Hodel in Fiddler On The Roof)

5. Give a shout-out to someone... 

To Sabrina, for being there at the first read back in 2011, and for making this current version come to be. To Peter, for his keen observations and great faith in the project. À mon grand-père Gilbert qui jouait le violon, et à mon oncle Jacques qui jouait la guitare. J’aurais bien aimé ça vous entendre jouer ensemble.

BONUS: What's a youtube video everyone should know about?

This fishing boat in crazy rough seas…

DOUBLE BONUS: Listen to Julie in conversation with Twenty Something's Associate Artistic Producer, Brian Cochrane, HERE. They talk about The Out Vigil and a bunch of other "theatre" stuff.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

THE OUT VIGIL: the Production & Design Team

Sabrina Evertt - Director & Costume Design

Sabrina is a director, designer and the Artistic Producer of Twenty Something Theatre. The Out Vigil marks the third new Canadian play that Sabrina has produced and developed - Prodigals in 2011 and Us & Everything We Own in 2013 - in the last 5 years in her role as Artistic Producer of Twenty Something Theatre. Sabrina is part of the producing team for The Bomb-itty of Errors, which received 4 Jessie nominations (including Outstanding Production) & 2 Jessie awards in 2012 and has just completed a successful remount at the Arts Club Theatre's Revue Stage which will be touring to the Belfry Theatre in August. For Twenty Something Theatre she has previously directed Us & Everything We Own, Nocturne, Blue Surge, Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love, Suburbia, The Fever, The Shape of Things, and This Is Our Youth. As a designer select credits include Set Design for Red Light Winter (Bleviss Laboratory Theatre) and Costume Design for Emma, Go Back For Murder, Romeo & Juliet (TWU), Empress of Asia, Vimy (Firehall Arts Centre) & Jesus Hopped the ‘A’ Train (Glass City Theatre). Sabrina has a BFA from the University of Victoria and is working towards her MFA from the University of Alberta.

Peter Boychuk - Dramaturge

Peter is excited to be working with Twenty Something Theatre again, having directed and done dramaturgy on their inaugural Emerging Playwright Spotlight production, Prodigals by Sean Minogue. Peter attended Studio 58 and holds an M.F.A. in Playwriting from the University of Victoria. His plays include Shelter from the Storm (Touchstone Theatre/PTC/Firehall Arts Centre); Afterglow (published in the anthology Two Hands Clapping by Signature Editions); Fortunate Son (Vancouver & Victoria Fringe Festivals); and Fritters in Kandahar (winner of the Solo Collective Emerging Writers Competition). He is honoured to have played a part in developing this beautiful new play.

Julie McIsaac - Music Director, Original Music Composition & Sound Design

Julie is also the playwright of The Out Vigil and you can check out her thoughts on the play and bio here!

Christina Cuglietta - Musician

A graduate from the Canadian College of Performing Arts (CCPA) Christina works as an actor, musician, and musical director throughout Canada. Select performance credits include: Buddy-The Buddy Holy Story (Theatre North West), Romeo and Juliet (Project X), The Forbidden Phoenix (Gateway Theatre), My Fair Lady (Western Canada Theatre), Lend me a Tenor (Powerhouse Theatre). Musical Direction: You're a Good Man Charlie Brown (Project X). Christina heads to the prairies for the summer with Sum Theatre Saskatoon's Theatre in the Park then back to BC for Western Canada Theatre's Canadian premiere of Peter and the Starcatcher . Thanks and gratitude to Julie for the invitation into her wonderful story and to Sabrina and Twenty Something Theatre for supporting new Canadian works!

Jason Clift - Sound Design

Jay is a Vancouver based theatre artist, born and raised in the sunny Okanagan, Jay then moved to Vancouver to pursue a career as an actor. After graduating from Studio 58’s acting program Jay has gone on to work as an actor, stage manager, crew hand, set builder, designer and writer. Jay feels grateful to find pleasure in such a vast array of theatre related occupations and is very excited to take his second crack at sound design in The Out Vigil. This year you may have seen Jay as an actor in Hardline Productions’ production of Bug, as Sound Designer for Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me or back ‘trailer’ as running crew member on ITSAZOO’s production of Killer Joe.

Ian Schimpf - Set & Lighting Design

A graduate of UBC'S BFA design program, Ian has designed Set and Lighting for numerous shows around Vancouver including Thoroughly Modern Millie, Billy Bishop Goes to War, The Spitfire Grill, and The Exquisite Hour. Ian won best in show creative innovation for the International Walt Disney Imagineering Imagi-Nations Design competition for his roller coaster idea "Mickey's Stunt Pilot Academy". With the success of his most recent show The Bombi-tty of Errors at the Arts Club Theatre, he will be re-designing it when it hits the Belfry stage this August. Ian is thrilled to be working on a new project with such wonderful people.

Melanie Thompson - Stage Manager

Melanie is excited to be back with Twenty Something Theatre! Recent credits include Arvaarluk: An Inuit Tale (Pangaea Arts), Holmes & Watson Save the Empire (Ace Productions), Us & Everything We Own (Twenty Something Theatre), The Spitfire Grill (Midnight Theatre Collective/Pacific Theatre), Kutz & Dawgs (MISCELLANEOUS Productions/Vancouver International Children’s Festival), The Exquisite Hour (Relephant Theatre), Grease, The Wizard of Oz, and The Sound of Music (Footlight Theatre). Next up: Shrek The Musical at Theatre Under the Stars. When not stage managing, Melanie writes grant applications and other copy of all kinds for clients in the performing arts.

Catch this amazing team's work on stage at the Havana Theatre from May 28 - 31! Tickets and info available at Brown Paper Tickets:

Monday, May 5, 2014

THE OUT VIGIL: the Playwright

Last week, we started dramaturgy on the current draft of The Out Vigil, and on my way to join Sabrina, Peter, and the other members of the team, I heard a radio ad for the new season of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch... Given that my watching a random episode of the show – eight years ago! – is what first inspired me to write this play, I couldn’t help thinking: Coincidence? Or... some greater synchronicity?

If we were to ask Lizzie and Danny – the two young Newfoundlanders who find themselves in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, for the opening of the winter crab-fishing season – they’d each provide a very different answer. Superstition and pragmatism are at odds throughout the piece, and I wanted to see what would happen when these people – who are deeply connected in many ways – are confronted with a threatening situation, one that reveals their essentially different worldviews, and forces them to come to an understanding, a compromise of some kind.

I have always been fascinated by the water, by the sea; by those who choose to make their living out there, and by all the accompanying stories, myths, and rituals. I love boats, I love swimming, and I only like to live in places where I can see the water. But in truth, it also scares me, a lot. Because there’s an essential contradiction there... It’s beautiful, necessary, sustaining. And yet, there are its dark, unknown depths, its sinister, strange creatures – and the fact that it can kill, so very quickly.

In the 1988 fishing season up in Alaska, 42 men died.

I wanted to know: who are these people, who readily put themselves in harm’s way? And what makes that sacrifice, that risk, worth it? But I was also curious about this question – is there such thing as safety, really? Is there any way to truly protect those we love?

And I knew there would have to be music. Music as a way of life, not something the characters simply do, but something that is very much connected to who they are. And, unquestionably, I wanted to tell a Canadian story; a story with a deep sense of place and time, one that would speak to those of us from small, tight-knit communities.

As a contemporary female playwright, I was also keen to call into question our modern propensity to negatively judge and dismiss ‘traditional’ relationship dynamics as old-fashioned or – (gasp!) – regressive… Because, I have to tell you: there is a dynamic here that feels very true, very real, and very powerful to me. But as an independent, educated, opinionated young woman, I feel that it’s problematic for me to admit that.

What do you think? Come see our show, and find out.

~Julie McIsaac
Playwright, The Out Vigil

Julie is graduate of Carleton University and the Canadian College of Performing Arts. She has appeared on stages throughout Western Canada, including the Arts Club, Bard on the Beach, the Belfry Theatre, the Citadel Theatre, Pacific Theatre, Carousel Theatre, and the Chemainus Theatre Festival – and she is a two-time Jessie award nominee, for Ophelia in Hamlet (Honest Fishmongers) and Jane in Mother Teresa is Dead (Bleeding Heart/Pacific Theatre). Other projects this past year: music-making in Caravan Farm's Head Over Heels, directing Lend Me a Tenor (Company C) and Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me (Dancing Monkey Presents), reuniting with the Honest Fishmongers for Measure for Measure (Pacific Theatre), performing as Léa in Des fraises en janvier (Théâtre la Seizième), and Sister James in Doubt (TheatreOne). Julie is also an Associate Artist with Relephant Theatre, where past directing projects include Ordinary Days and The Exquisite Hour. Other credits: directing the premiere of Countryside Christmas (Chemainus), two seasons as an apprentice director at Bard on the Beach, Associate Director of Sum Theatre’s My Rabbi, (heading to the Edinburgh Festival in August 2014), and also this summer, Assistant Stage Director of L’Incoronazione di Poppea in Sulmona, Italy. The Out Vigil is Julie's first full-length play, and she is grateful for the support of Twenty Something Theatre, and PTC’s Write Space program. For Jacques.

Catch Julie's play, The Out Vigil, on stage at the Havana Theatre from May 28 - 31st. More information and tickets at Brown Paper Tickets. Click here.