Monday, April 28, 2014


Raes Calvert - Cal

Raes is excited to be part of The Out Vigil. This is his first time working with Twenty Something Theatre. Raes is a Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Hardline Productions. Select theatre credits include: Where the Wild Things Are (Presentation House), Out in the Open (Green Thumb), The Number 14 (Axis Theatre) and Of Mice and Men, Never Swim Alone (Hardline Productions). Raes is a graduate of Studio 58.

Matthew MacDonald-Bain - Danny

After spending most of the past year or so working behind the scenes, Matthew's changing hats to get back up on stage. A graduate of Studio 58, he has most recently been working with Hardline Productions as Sound Designer for Bug, and Co-Sound Designer/Musician for Of Mice And Men. As well as acting and sound designing, Matthew performs in a couple local bands, one of them being The Savoys. Check out our site at He'd also like to thank his family for giving him such a rich appreciation for the Maritimes. Can't wait to go back Home.

Gili Roskies - Lizzie

Gili is excited to be working with her fellow Studio 58 graduates on this evolving work. She most recently starred in Ghosts in Baghdad (Working Spark). Other recent credits include Hotel Bethlehem (Ruby Slippers), Cool Beans (Solo Collective), Broken Sex Doll (The Virtual Stage/The Cultch), Red Letters (Eric Hamber Co-op), Secret in the Wings, The Park and The Winter’s Tale (Studio 58). Gili would like to thank Julie for the beautiful words and Sabrina for bringing them to life. Most importantly, she would like to thank YOU for coming to see the show.

Starting rehearsals tomorrow, catch them on stage soon from May 28 - May 31 at the Havana Theatre on Commercial Drive. More info & tickets available at: