Saturday, September 28, 2013

Coffee Talk with Jennifer Suratos

Meet Jennifer Suratos who plays the "Teacher/Reporter" in Speech & Debate! Normally a musical theatre performer, we are happy to have her with us on this production as her Twenty Something debut!

(Jennifer and Apollo's head at the British Museum)

Tell us your I wanna be an actor story...

I'm a bit of a fraud in that I never really, truly wanted to be an actor. But theatre has just been so much fun that once I tried it, I couldn't leave. Then first time I fell in love was with Enjolras in a big, professional production of Les Miserables at the Queen E. My 14 year old self swooned. The more I learned about theatre, the more I loved it. I mainly do musicals, so this show is a nice change for me, and a real challenge too. I admire people who commit their lives to the craft of acting, it's tough!

What is your favourite role to date and why?

I have many favourite roles, but my most favourite - right now - was the last one I did: Miss Jones in "How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying." It was in Stanley Park this past summer with Theatre Under the Stars. I got to do a fun number with just me and all the good-looking men in suits. Plus it was an outdoor stage, so that was fun. One night a bug flew up my nose but hey, the show must go on.

(Jennifer in "How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" at TUTS)

If you could be part of any theatre production in the world, what would that be?

Something with the Royal Shakespeare Company. I am a huge fan of Shakespeare, though I have not yet attempted to perform any of his work. I have studied him quite a bit in school so to do any kind of work with the RSC would be a dream.

Why do you think Speech & Debate is an important story to tell?

It's important because it accurately represents real teenagers and the issues they go through. These three teens are quirky, unique, intelligent - and all trying to find their place in the world. I wish I was this weird and wonderful in high school. Instead I was falling in love with fictional characters from musicals.


If you had one piece of advice for aspiring young actors, either just starting a training program or going to their first audition, what would that be?

Don't be afraid to make mistakes - just give 'er! It's part of learning and honing your craft. And it makes you human.

I couldn't agree more. Make sure you see Speech & Debate at Studio 1398 from Oct.2-12! Tickets available at or at the door!

-Jess Van Elk
Producing Assistant

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