Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Coffee Talk with Christina Dao

Meet Christina Dao! She is our awesome costume designer for Speech & Debate! We are very excited to have her with us on this production and it was fun getting to know her...keep reading!

(Christina Dao)

What inspired you to pursue costume design?

I actually fell into theatre and costume design by accident. My mother was a fashion designer while I was growing up, so I always loved clothes and evolving my own personal style, but prior to attending theatre school, I didn't know the first thing about theatre. I had never sewn a piece of clothing and I didn't even really know how to draw. In university, I took a couple of theatre courses as electives because I thought they might be fun and here I am four years later, still kickin' it in theatre. Still learning. Always learning!

What has been your favourite design project so far and what is your dream project?

My favourite design project so far has been Rhinoceros, which was presented by Theatre UBC in the winter and directed by Chelsea Haberlin. It was a huge and challenging show but the reward was so worth it. My dream project would probably be an epic TV series like Game of Thrones. Or Mad Men! I love the costumes on Mad Men. Janie Bryant is one of my idols. I love when designers inject a bit of their own personal style into their costumes.

Christina and a loved one! 
If you could do anything in the world that is un-related to theatre, what would that be?

Be that guy on the Food Network who goes around North America eating at different diners. Guy Fieri. That would be dope.

What is something really good you've seen recently?

It's not out yet, but I just finished working on a film about Eadweard Muybridge. It is going to be amazing and you should definitely look out for it next year.

(Christina with her friends, Florence Barrett [centre] and Polina Boltova [right])
What is your favourite thing about Speech & Debate and why should people come see it?

It's extremely intelligent while also being very funny. The cast is stellar and I have not seen a play like this performed in Vancouver before!

I agree, I'm pretty excited for this production! Make sure you see Christina's costume work in Speech & Debate from October 2-12! Thats all for now folks, watch out for our next coffee talk!

-Jess Van Elk

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