Sunday, September 1, 2013

Can we get to the creative part now?

Huge thanks to new & old friends for making the Double Play Party a rockin’ way to spend Saturday night! The silent auction was a hit, Shank Lovebone had the audience doing an extended acapella singalong to Hit Me Baby One More Time, and the keg was bested by a determined coalition of aspiring Cicerones. We even sold a couple more passes right at the stroke of midnight…

The Double Play Party

Due to one thing and another and another, we are sad to report that Kathryn Kirkpatrick will not be performing in Speech & Debate. Fortunately, Kathryn is going to be onstage at the Firehall Arts Centre this Fringe with her brand new solo show I Am The Bastard Daughter of Engelbert Humperdinck, so you can see her then!

I Am The Bastard Daughter of Engelbert Humperdinck
Written & Performed by Kathryn Kirkpatrick

Jenn Suratos has joined our cast and we are very excited to get to work with her!

We cast Speech & Debate all the way back in January. There’s been a lot of planning. A lot of running around by our tireless production assistant, Jessica Van Elk. Craig Alfredson is tackling the bulk of our design work (lights, projections, and set), and he and I braved the early morning the other day to circle around the space at Studio 1398. The transition from pre-planning to rehearsals is one of my favourite parts of this whole enterprise.

Stephen Karam's Speech & Debate
Oct. 2 - 12 at Studio 1398, Granville Island
Photo by David Cooper


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