Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Double Play Pass is LIVE

"Happiness does not await us all. One needn't be a prophet to say that there will be more grief and pain than serenity and money. That is why we must hang on to one another." -Anton Chekhov

 Speech & Debate scribe Stephen Karam quotes this in the intro to his 2012 Pulitzer Prize-nominated play Sons of the Prophet.

In the spirit of having little money and hanging on to one another, we’ve banded up with our pals at Staircase XI Theatre to launch the Double Play Pass – an early bird ticket that lets you see both Speech & Debate (Oct. 2-12) and their production of Cocktails At Pam’s by Stewart Lemoine (Nov 13-30) for just $25. It’s live now and is available until August 31. Buy it here.

But wait, there’s more! We’re throwing a Double Play Party to celebrate things like “back to school”, “the end of summer”, “the beginning of fall”, “friends”, “theatre”, and the Double Play Pass. It’s going to have cheap admission, cheap drinks, and ridiculously under-priced silent auction items. In the spirit of the Double Play Pass, we’ll be auctioning off an abundance of great theatre tickets. Just FYI. Read all about it.

Lots of exciting news for our friends and collaborators:

 Sabrina is in Africa.

 Delinquent Theatre are prepping a one-off of Stationary: A Recession-Era Musical (I wrote two of the songs and perform in it) for the Gabriola Island Theatre Festival on August 18. If you’re in the area…Also, listen to the soundtrack album.

 Mack Gordon (he helped out on the dramaturgical tip for Us & Everything We Own) wrote this great piece about Dominique Fricot (he played at our Bomb-itty of Errors fundraiser waaaaaaaaaaay back in 2012) that you should read.

 I saw Despot at The Biltmore Cabaret last week with Killer Mike & El-P and he commanded the stage in a way that very few people can. Performers should all watch him do a show and take notes. Peep this song. He’s doing an album with Ratatat and if it ever drops the world might never be the same.

In summation: Buy a Double Play Pass. We’ll try not to be annoying about it, but seriously. Buy one.



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