Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Speech & Debate, The Double Play Pass, The Out Vigil, and Bomb-itty

Hello Blogosphere!

Happy to be making my first post as Associate Artistic Producer with Twenty Something Theatre. It’s a very exciting time for this company and I’m happy to be here for it.

This fall I’ll be directing Twenty Something’s next show: Stephen Karam’s Speech & Debate. It’s running October 2-12 at Studio 1398 on Granville Island. Speech & Debate is a play that Sabrina passed along to me when I first came on board in the middle of 2012. It had been on her shortlist of plays for Twenty Something for a couple of years and it’s not surprise why. The script runs the gamut from hilarious comedy to tense drama, making sure to include a song or two along the way. The cast & crew are all in place and we’re already rushing around getting all kinds of “behind the scenes” things done.

On that note, we’re proud to present the Double Play Pass – an early bird special that gives people the opportunity to get a ticket each to Speech & Debate and Staircase XI’s November production of Stewart Lemoine’s Cocktails At Pam’s for just $25. The Double Play Pass will go on sale August 1 and you’ll be able to link to it from www.twentysomethingtheatre.com.

Right now we’re busy meeting with potential sponsors and program advertisers. With the Double Play Pass, we’re able to offer great value and lots of exposure to our advertisers. If you or someone you know wants to get involved by sponsoring our production and our company, we can be reached at info@twentysomethingtheatre.com.

On the development front, I was fortunate enough to sit in on a reading of Julie McIsaac’s The Out Vigil last week. I already knew Julie to be a great actor, and the same humanity and passion that she puts into her performances is all over the beautiful play she’s written. Watch out for our workshop production in 2014.

Speaking of 2014, The Bomb-itty of Errors, the little production that got me all wrapped up with Twenty Something in the first place, is going to appearing on the Arts Club’s Revue Stage starting April 10. I’m including a link to the Revue stage series next year, which also includes a World Premiere by Colleen Murphy (I directed her play The December Man in Saskatoon last fall and it’s BEAUTIFUL) directed by my UBC buddy and Horseshoes & Hand Grenades co-artistic director Mindy Parfitt. http://www.artsclub.com/20132014/shows.htm#revue

Stay tuned folks. Twenty Something is in motion.


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