Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20: Peter Brook, Design Meetings, and Promotional Material

“I am ready to disclaim my opinion, even of yesterday, even of 10 minutes ago, because all opinions are relative. One lives in a field of influences, one is influenced by everyone one meets, everything is an exchange of influences, all opinions are derivative. Once you deal a new deck of cards, you’ve got a new deck of cards.”

That’s a quote from Peter Brook in The Empty Space. I find myself coming back to it continuously in the last couple of years. Hopefully it’s informing an ever-evolving approach to creativity.

Put a bird on it.

I recently met with our Speech & Debate design team: Craig Alfredson (Set/Lights/Projection) and Christina Dao (Costumes). We’re all busy bees, so we had to meet at 11pm in a bar. I’ve never worked with either of them in this capacity before and I’m excited to have the ball rolling. Christina was one of our invaluable dressers on Bomb-itty of Errors last year and Craig has been a helping hand on many things that I’ve worked on. As always, we’ll be trying to make a lot with a little, and we definitely discussed what it means if you describe your aesthetic as “shitty”. Don’t let that scare you, let that free you.

First design meeting.

We’re very excited to have Andrew Lewis on board to design yet another poster for Twenty Something. He’s due to show some ideas any day now and I’m getting excited. Of course, we’ve also got our great promotional photos from David Cooper:

Alex Rose, Scott Button, and Claire Hesselgrave will star in Stephen Karam's Speech & Debate.
Photo by David Cooper.

The Double Play Pass, our little joint venture with Staircase XI, is still coming your way August 1. Check back here and on our Facebook page when the time comes.

 Summer love,

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