Monday, April 1, 2013

Coffee Talk with Adam Lolacher

Us & Everything We Own opens this week and a great way to kick it off is to meet Adam Lolacher who plays "Charlie". Adam is originally from Ottawa and has worked as an actor across Canada. This is Adam's first production with Twenty Something Theatre and it is a great pleasure to work with him on this new piece! 

(Adam in The Glory of Living by Rebecca Gilman in Toronto)
What is your favourite role to date and why?

Tough question. I wouldn't say I have a favourite but one of the more challenging roles was "Clint" from The Glory Of Living. It's hard playing the bad guy but also fun in a weird way. Heavy subject matter too, it definitely tested me as an actor and a man. 

(Adam in Birdbath by Leonard Melfi with actress, Shanda Bezic)
Tell us your “I wanna be an actor story”…

Hmmm, well there's the classic "Saturday Night Fever" John Travolta strut scene that I saw when I was a kid; that was pretty cool. The guy looked invincible and so cool. He could dance and had a way with the ladies. I wanted to be that guy. Then I saw Gary Oldman in "Sid n Nancy" and was like "I wanna be that guy instead, what a character."

(Adam in Beirut with his friend Mylene Robic in Vancouver)
Why should people come out to see Us & Everything We Own?

People should come out to see this show for many reasons: to support the indie/up-coming theatre in Vancouver. I think Sabrina has got something really special with this company, as well as Sean's fresh and fun writing. You don't see many companies in Vancouver producing original works; I think that's exciting and ballsy. A lot of people will relate to the subject matter as well, at some point in all our lives we've wanted something really bad. The cast and crew is solid, hard working and has a lot to offer. It's going to be a great show.

What do you think audiences can learn from the characters of “Us & Everything We Own”?

In Charlie's case, I feel like his character will bring out passion, drive and heart with the audience. His actions may remind or wake someone up in the audience about an old passion project.

(Adam in A Christmas Carol at the Belfry Theatre in Victoria)
If you had one piece of advice for aspiring actors, those just starting a training program or going to their first audition, what would it be?

I'd say work twice as hard than anyone else and pound the pavement. You get what you put in. Work on your craft and get into a scene study class or do some theatre. Challenge yourself!!!

Great advice Adam! Thank you! 

Make sure you don't miss Adam in Us & Everything We Own from April 4-13 at the PAL Studio Theatre (581 Cardero Street). Tickets $12-22. More information at

Hope to see you there! 

-Jessica Van Elk
Producing Assistant

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