Monday, March 25, 2013

Coffee Talk With Genevieve Fleming

As we are now entering into our second week of rehearsal for Us & Everything We Own, meet Genevieve Fleming who plays the character "Erin". This is Genevieve's second production with Twenty Something Theatre, having last appeared in Suburbia in 2008. We are excited to have her back on stage with us for this world premiere! 

(Genevieve Fleming)
What is your favourite role to date and why?

I've had the pleasure of playing a lot of fun characters, but there is one role that stands out as a favourite, which is the part of "Lenny" in Crimes of the Heart. It was my first lead role out of high school (during my second year at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick - which explains how I was cast in the first place because I was way too young to play the part at the time!). That may have been the experience that solidified my resolve to become a professional actor.

(Genevieve [Left] with the members of Hardline Productions)

Tell us your "I wanna be an actor" story...

I knew I wanted to be an actor since my elementary school music teacher came around my grade 3 classroom and asked who wanted to audition for the Christmas play. I thought: "that would be fun." I played Mrs. Claus #3 (out of 4) and let me tell you, it was a magical performance.

(Genevieve as "Sybil" in Private Lives at the Citadel Theatre )

Why should people come to see Us & Everything We Own?

It's a beautiful thing as an actor to work on the premiere of a new play - especially when we have the joy and luxury of having the playwright (Sean Minogue) involved in the experience. You can always see Shakespeare, you can always see musicals - but catching the first run of a play that is about contemporary issues (not 40 - 400 year old ones) is something special...and it's fun and there's a [coffee] bar and all that stuff too.

(Genevieve in The Ash Girl at Studio 58 with Alisha Davidson)

What do you think audiences can learn from the characters of Us & Everything We Own?

Haha - how about: 'how not to succeed in business despite really trying?' I don't know, as an audience member I always learn by watching the characters learn. We invest in their journeys and compare their experiences to our own and how they reacted to how we might have in their situation. The four characters in this play all have distinct journeys and I think there is something for everyone to take away from their experiences.

(Genevieve as "Jocasta" in Jocasta at Studio 58)

If you had one piece of advice for aspiring young actors, those just starting a training program or going to their first audition, what would it be?

Get training. I was lucky enough to attend Studio 58's theatre training program and it was the best professional decision I ever made. That being said, if there's anything - ANYTHING - you can see yourself doing that would make you happy other than acting, then for God's sake do that instead.

That is some good advice! Thank you for sharing Genevieve! 

Make sure you catch Genevieve in Us & Everything We Own from April 4-13, 2013 at the PAL Studio Theatre (581 Cardero Street). Tickets $12-$22. More information at 

-Jessica Van Elk
Producing Assistant 

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