Friday, June 1, 2012

Bona Fide Break

Well folks it is June 1st today which means that my time-out/leave of absence from Twenty Something Theatre officially begins today.

It’s been 7 seasons of theatre that was recently capped off with The Bomb-itty of Errors being nominated for 4 Jessie Richardson Awards including Outstanding Production, Outstanding Direction, Outstanding Artistic Achievement for the ensemble and Outstanding Costume Design.

Wow, what a ride it’s been!

But, it’s definitely time for a bit of break so I’m taking the summer off completely. Not the sort-of kind-of break I took last summer. But a real bona fide break.

From June 1st thru to September 3rd:

I WILL NOT be sitting in front of my computer for hours on end writing grants, budgeting, emailing, drafting spreadsheets, etc, etc, etc.

I WILL be doing any number of these activities:
-learning to play the guitar
-soaking up the sun
-taking road trips

Then as of September 4th I’ll be back in town and directing & designing for an exciting project outside of Twenty Something with a group of talented artists with whom I am looking forward to working with very much.

Lois Dawson brought me a script over a year ago and said “read this!”. From there a collaboration was formed. That script is The Mistakes Madeline Made by Elizabeth Merriwether. It is the weirdest, funniest, most awkward yet touching play I’ve read in a long time and I’m so excited to be working with such a wonderfully talented group of actors. Those actors are (in alphabetical order): David Kaye (@Whiskaye_Films), Jesse Martyn (@jessemartyn), Deb Pickman (@shamelesshussy), Tara Pratt (@tarakjpratt) and Colby Wilson (@ColbyWilson). When we got together to decide on a Co-Op name this very funny group of people made me laugh until I was afraid my side might split open. That name would be Handiwipe Caper Equity Co-Op. Don’t ask just come see the show in the fall. Trust me, it will all make sense then.

So you’ll all just have to keep your eyes peeled on Lois’ blog or the above noted twitter handles for more info as it unfolds because I, my friends, am going radio silent for the next 3 months. No twitter, no blog, nada. Someone exclaimed to me the other day “You’re like the Twitter queen!!” and just previous to that another friend had said recently “I always know what you’re doing from Twitter!”

Wow, that’s just bonkers. Because really, I started blogging and using twitter as part of my job to promote Twenty Something and somehow it has taken over my life a little bit. And, that’s really not me at all. This kind of explains perfectly how I feel about it all:  

“In our technology crazed world, we’ve confused being communicative with feeling connected. Just because we’re plugged in, doesn’t mean we feel seen and heard” – Brene Brown (who has given some of the best TED talks out there. Do yourself a favour and watch them.)

So I’m going backwards in time - to a pre-twitter, blogging and facebook time - when quality time with people meant more than a text message here and there or a facebook comment or an @reply. You know what I’m talking about.

I hope you all have an amazing summer and I’ll see you back here on the blog, twitter and all the rest of it, in the fall. After that Twenty Something operations will back up and running fully starting in November when we’ll announce our upcoming 2013 season and a few other exciting new developments that may or may not include a welcome addition to the artistic management of Twenty Something.

And with that season-ending cliffhanger I will sign off and say…

Cheers and thank you for an amazing 7 seasons!!

~Sabrina Evertt
 Artistic Producer

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