Tuesday, January 17, 2012

PuSh 2012: Opening Gala (Live Blog)

Tonight is the night! It's the Opening Gala of the PuSh Festival here in Vancouver and we're taking over the Waldorf Hotel. According to the website it's going to be "a veritable buffet of creativity... and will be packed with live music, video projections, spontaneous performances, and surprise guests". Ooohhh, sounds exciting, so let's get this thing started...

9:58pm - Sitting in the Hideaway lounge. Nita Bowerman is dancing. This lounge is inspired by Dances for a Small Stage.

10:07pm - Now we've got Barbara Kozicki dancing with red lights.

10:18pm - We're having a Native Dance Lesson with Nyla Carpentier. I love the interaction feature. So much fun. It's packed in here. Come find me and say "hi!".

10:27pm - I'm now in the Cabaret room waiting for the Opening Speeches to start. Keri Adams from CTV is hosting.

10:33pm - Heather Deal, deputy Mayor, just finished speaking. Now Norman Armour is up.

10:39pm - The crazy is starting with Charlie Demers and Ryan Beil! Woohoo!

11:29pm - Okay, sorry took a drink break and it lasted almost an hour!! I got lost in the Tiki lounge!! But I'm back now and you can come make a button at the button making station in the Hideaway lounge:

And, while I was taking my drink break I was still being productive. Up in the Tiki lounge you can take fun photos at the Photobooth by Picstar:

11:47pm - Alright folks that's it for me but you can keep partying here until 2am at the Tiki Lounge:

Or The Cabaret:

Or The Hideaway:

Happy Opening Push Festival!! Thanks for all the fun.

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer

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