Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tough: The Director



What a treat to direct this talented trio in Tough! Directing credits include Whistler Chairlift Revue (Whistler Live/2010 Paralympics), The Vertical Hour (United Players –selected by critic Jo Ledingham in her Top 10 Picks of 2009), Munsch Alley (Carousel Theatre –Jessie nomination for Outstanding Direction), and The Laundromat (Scarlet Satin). Tamara co-founded and was co-Artistic Director of Boca del Lupo Theatre until 2001. She has taught physical theatre at the Vancouver Film School and the Gros Morne Theatre Festival in Newfoundland. She is a 4-time Jessie Richardson Award nominee, Artistic Associate of BellaLuna, and proud mom to Lucas, who turns 1 on Sept. 2nd. Thanks always to Mike.


As I watch my 10 month old son discover the world and learn about cause and effect, I realize so much of what happens to us, and the choices we make, depend on and are intrinsically linked to the actions of others. While my son is having difficulty going down for his nap (likely because of his recent discovery of crawling), I am weighing my options: invest another half an hour in this nap venture, or go for a walk. Yet if he had gone to sleep, I would be considering a different set of choices… probably choosing to have a cup of tea and respond to email. In Tough! Tina is making her own choices, but they depend completely on the choices Bobby makes. I find this so fascinating right now; I think I believed we are mostly responsible for what happens to us by the choices we make, but I see now the set of choices we create for ourselves is entirely influenced by the actions of others.

The other thing that is different for me directing this show now than in an earlier time of my life, is my perspective on motherhood, having only been a witness up until a year ago. I am so grateful everyday that I have my husband to share in the parenting of Lucas. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to be a single mother. And to imagine being one at 19 years old is unfathomable. My heart breaks for Tina, and though one might make judgements about her, we cannot deny her bravery.

It has been a delectable treat to listen to Walker’s poetry brought to life in rehearsals by these tremendous young actors. Thank you for choosing live theatre.

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