Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Coffee Talk with Marlene Ginader

For close to a week now, Marlene Ginader has been sharing "Tina's" struggle with conflicting emotions and daunting responsibility onstage in Tough! at Studio 1398. This production marks Marlene's debut with Twenty-Something Theatre and we first introduced her in our Meet the Cast of Tough! posting.

Recently, Jerry Wasserman of The Province said, "Marlene Ginader is very good as Tina. Her solid, grounded performance makes clear how genuinely tough Tina’s choices are and how complicated her feelings about Bobby remain."

Here, Marlene shares some thoughts on Tough! and the world of theatre.

Tell me about a really memorable performance or show you saw that really stands out for you.

The two shows that come to mind are The Electric Company’s Tear the Curtain at the Arts Club last season and the staged reading of The Last Days of Judas Iscariot at Pacific Theatre a few years back. They both set a new standard in my mind in different ways.

Photo courtesy of Marlene Ginader.

What was your, “Aha! I want to be an actor” moment?

I don’t know exactly, I think I remember watching some movie on TV when I was around 8 and thinking, that looks pretty fun and it’s obviously really easy to do. Glad to tell you it’s still fun! It’s always been acting though, I’ve never really considered doing anything else.

Do you have any funny or embarrassing actor stories that have happened onstage?

Yes, yes I do.

How has the rehearsal process been for Tough!?

We have a really great team behind this piece so it’s been a pleasure to go to rehearsal each week and jump right in. And when I say “jump right in” I mean it! This show has no scenes in the script and really snowballs from one thing to the next. Personally, it’s been a huge challenge as this is the biggest part I’ve had to date. I’m proud of this show though and excited to get it up and running!

How do you feel you relate, or don’t relate to your character?

I don’t relate to Tina in most ways and that was one of the great challenges of working on Tough! While we both have strong values and a list of what we want, the things on that list are pretty opposite from me to Tina. She’s also very practical. I, on the other hand…

Photo courtesy of Marlene Ginader.

So why should people come and see Tough!?

It’s a high energy, 85 minute one act in real time. Once it starts it doesn’t stop so I think it’ll be really easy to go along for the ride. Plus it’s affordable theatre!

What advice would you have for any young actors starting out or thinking about becoming an actor?

If you think you can do it, do it. It’s difficult at times but a fun and rewarding career. That being said, the one big thing I would tell “high school Marlene” would be to pick up a trade! A key trick in the first few years of many people’s careers is to balance an erratic actor’s schedule with being financially secure, so, whether it’s hairstyling or welding, if your high school offers it, take it while it’s free. Good luck and have fun!

You can catch Marlene tonight at 8 pm for the 2-for-1 Talk-back night, and the rest of this week until Saturday, September 3rd at Studio 1398 on Granville Island. Tickets can be purchased in advance through Tickets Tonight, by calling 604.684.2787, or at the door.

~ Sarah MacKay

Associate Producer

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