Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer "Break"

Today officially marks the start of my summer "break". For the first summer in over 5 years I am not directing our annual summer production. I am taking a "break". Why "break" in quotations? Well, awhile ago, when I was telling someone that I was taking the summer off from directing but that I'd still be producing they started to laugh and said "only you would call a that a 'break'".

Yeah, okay, it's not a full "break", it's only a partial "break", but for me it means I get to have my summer nights free from rehearsal and my weekends totally free to go on trips to Victoria to visit friends or maybe to the Okanagan to go wine 'tasting' (more like full-on drinking but, you know, let's be classy about it). This is a luxury, trust me.

Plus, plus, from the producing side of things, I'm actually lightening my load quite considerably as I will be mostly just mentoring Sarah, who has been our Associate Producer for the past year, on how to produce a show from start to finish. She will be doing most of the actual producing and I know she is going to do a fantastic job.

So, today I am off on vacation for 10 days to the sandy shores of Waikiki (unplugged style, no phone, no email) and thus commencing the "Summer of Me". Because for the past 4 and half months, it's been all about work with Prodigals taking up most of that. I have literally been up at 7am every morning (as most people notice from the time stamp on their emails) and the first thing I do is brew myself a cup of coffee and check my email. And for a lot of those 4 and a half months I'd be working until 7,8,9 (or later) at night. That's just plain crazy. I don't want to be a work-16-hours-a-day sort of person.

That all stops now. When I get back I will be moving into Twenty-Something's new office space at HiVE Vancouver which means I actually get to leave my house and socialize with people at work rather than sit alone at my desk in my house staring at the people as they walk over the Burrard Street Bridge. That alone will save my sanity. It also means no work until I hit the office. I'm going to get up and, shocker, actually take my time and maybe eat breakfast and not check my email first thing in the morning. Okay, maybe not eat breakfast, since I never have food in my house, but you get the picture.

No more living, breathing, eating work. Meet the new and improved, non-workaholic, version of me. I think I can do it.

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer

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