Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reality is Happening

Back in January we launched a major fundraising campaign and in February I wrote a post entitled "This Is The Reality" about the reality of funding and fundraising. Well it is now April 19th and reality is happening.

March was a crazy month!! (I kind of thought I was going insane there for awhile). Not only was I working on Jesus Hopped the A Train as a designer but I was also planning and/or preparing for our March Madness fundraising events. Let me just say one thing: I do NOT recommend doing 2 big fundraisers a week apart. Hindsight is 20/20, right?!

However, both events were a huge success. Last week, I finished doing the reconciliation from the Cabaret show and we made over $2200 that will go directly towards producing Prodigals. Plus, Legacy Liquor on the night of the Wine Tasting event presented us with a $1000 cheque as the first installment and with over 100 people at the event the final cheque will go a long way towards helping us reach our goals.

So, three and half months later, here we are back in the rehearsal room for Prodigals and thanks to the help and support of many I'm no longer asking myself the question: "Where the #$@# are we going to get the money to do this?" That is a huge relief.

Now I can just be excited about getting our first official World Premiere of a new work up in front of audiences!!

~Sabrina Evertt,
Artistic Producer

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