Saturday, April 23, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Prodigals 2.0 Design Process

Many of you may be asking yourselves what is going to be different about Prodigals 2.0? In one word: a lot. (Okay that is 2 words).

For the workshop production of Prodigals, the production and design team had a shoestring budget. Jon, the Set Designer, was given a little bit of a budget to put together the amazing set he managed to create in the Havana. So, think for a second about what he did in that space with only a couple hundred dollars... and now think about what he's going to be able to do in Studio T with an actual proper budget... Yep, it's going to be great.

And, with Heather, the original lighting designer/production manager off and having a baby at any moment, her and Jon are working together to expand the lighting design into our new venue with all its amazing, brand new, state of the art technical capabilities. Exciting!!

Jane, the Costume Designer, had no budget. And, when I mean no budget, I mean no budget. I think if my mind serves me correctly she had approx $50 to go out and pick up a few things that the actors themselves couldn't provide. Now she too has an actual proper budget and she was in rehearsal the other day doing some fittings with the actors:

[L to R: Jane Sanden (Costume Designer), Kirsten Kilburn (Nina), Brandyn Eddy (Nips), Jameson Parker (Greg)]

[L to R: Tara Pratt (Jen) & Aslam Husain (Eliot)]

Next, with Kevin, our Sound Designer, it wasn't so much about money as it was about time and process. With Prodigals 1.0 Sound was mainly an afterthought. We needed a phone to ring so he came up with a sound cue and that was pretty much it. But, now (as you will see from the video below) it has become an integral part of the show. Kevin has created an amazing original score for the play that has given Prodigals 2.0 an extra layer of depth.

Plus Peter, the Director, has tweaked a few things, or even completely thrown out some things, in favour of creating moments that will serve this production better. Included in those new moments will be the new intro to Prodigals:

[A video clip from rehearsal on April 21, 2011. Cast appearing in the video: Tara Pratt (Jen), Jameson Parker (Greg), Brandyn Eddy (Nips) & Aslam Husain (Eliot). Sound & Original Score: Kevin McLardy]

Welcome to Prodigals 2.0!!

~Sabrina Evertt,
Artistic Producer

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