Monday, January 10, 2011

Things Need To Change: Part II

Deadline for submissions for our upcoming General Auditions has passed and Sarah (Associate Producer) is now busy working on organizing and booking all the time slots.

Included in her email will be information pertaining to some more strict non-negotiable hard-ass rules that I have now put in place and plan to execute without feeling badly or guilty. These are as follows:

1) Unless you confirm your audition time with Sarah, within 2 business days, your time slot will be given to someone else and you will not be given another audition time slot. No confirmation. No audition.

2) If you confirm your audition time with Sarah and fail to show up for your audition without 24 hours notification you will forfeit your chance to audition for any production with us for the next 3 years. No exceptions.

3) Actors are to arrive at least 5 minutes before their audition time to check-in and fill out any forms. If you are late (by even 30 seconds) you will forfeit your audition time slot and you will not be given another one. No exceptions.

Now this may seem reasonable to you or this may seem harsh but this is how it stands and it is not going to change. This I can assure you of.

I am going to be honest with you and tell you that these type of strict rules are not easy for me. Generally I’m a “give the benefit-of-the-doubt” sort of person but after five years of going easy on people I now know that it doesn’t do anyone any good. It wastes my time and does a disservice to people because it is not teaching them anything. It’s instead saying it is okay to be lazy and inconsiderate and people will still give you a chance.

And, the biggest overall reason to change, is that going easy on the lazy and inconsiderate doesn’t reward the people who do show up on time and who do go out of their way to show you that this audition does matter to them.

For example in my latest batch of submission I had 4 people send me submissions after the deadline had passed. One of them wrote a really nice cover letter and said “I know this is 2 hours past the deadline but I’d love to audition for you”.

Now my bleeding heart really wants to give this actor a chance; however, what about all those people who got their submissions in on time? If I give a late submission actor a time slot that might mean I have to take one away from someone who submitted on time. And, that is just not right. Not in my books anyway. Plus, besides all that, these people have had over 3 weeks to make a submission. That is plenty of time.

So I’m sorry but late is late and I just can’t do it anymore. No more bleeding heart syndrome for me.

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer

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