Friday, January 7, 2011

2011: Looking Ahead

So, I’m writing this at 4:19pm on January 7th. One week into the new year and already I’m feeling like this week has flown by and I didn’t get nearly as much as I wanted to accomplish done. Some of that had to do with an unfortunate event that came out of nowhere on Monday so I won’t be too hard on myself.

But, for better or worse, if this past week is any indication of what my life is going to be like for the next 4-5 months I better start looking into meditation and stress reduction techniques. No joke. So here we go this is what my January looks like:

1) Rehearsing and production mode for Twenty-Something’s first show of the season, Nocturne.

2) Design phase for my first costume design contract of 2011 that goes into rehearsal the same week Nocturne opens.

3) Pre-production has commenced for our second show of the season, Prodigals which includes re-casting one of the roles, script development, organizing the publicity and marketing, etc so on and so forth

4) General Auditions and if you've been reading my posts regarding this particular topic you will understand the stress level for this alone.

5) Launching a full-scale MAJOR fundraising campaign starting next week so that we can actually mount the type of production we want for Prodigals. The reason I have not included this in #3 “Pre-production for Prodigals” is because this is a job unto itself. More on this to come but it will likely include at least 1 if not 2 events that also require all the same amount of organization and time to put on that a regular theatre production does. (Just thinking about this makes my head want to explode but I just keep telling myself: one day at a time, one day at a time…)

Plus, like the masochist I am, I have also signed on to blog for the PuSh Festival again this year which, all joking aside, I’m actually totally stoked for. Some of the shows they have lined up for this year look incredible. So stay tuned for that.

Plus, plus… there is so much other amazing theatre going on around Vancouver that I am hoping to check out. Some of that includes: This at the Vancouver Playhouse, August: Osage County at the Arts Club, Agokwe at the Cultch (from Buddies in Bad Times in Toronto) and the three other Opening Night invitations that I’ve got sitting in my inbox that I haven’t responded to yet.

*looks up to the sky* and shouts “WHY DOES IT ALL HAVE TO HAPPEN AT ONCE?!”

Okay, that was my one tantrum moment and I am now going to commence being an adult about it:

*shrugs* and says nonchalantly “When it rains, it pours, right?!”

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer

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