Thursday, October 14, 2010

2011 Season

Drum roll please....

1) SPOTLIGHT: Nocturne by Adam Rapp and featuring Troy Anthony Young.

February 22nd - February 27th

"Rapp uses subtle, sensuous, bold and funny language...So detailed and poetic is the writing...that we buy and are powerfully moved by the whole thing." --New York Post

Adam Rapp's highly acclaimed play Nocturne begins as a former piano prodigy recounts the tragic events that tore his family apart. At only 17 years old the young man leaves home and sets out for New York City where he seeks an uneasy refuge in books and he reinvents himself as a writer. Throughout the next decade and a half he tries to cope with the ramifications of his own anguish and estrangement while making a desperate search for redemption. With a keen eye for human relationships and a deft ear for language, Rapp explores the aftershock of an unimaginable event.

2) WORLD PREMIERE: Prodigals by Sean Minogue. Directed by Peter Boychuk.

May 3rd - May 14th

“There’s an ache that runs through this play, and it’s about the difficulty of negotiating the terrain between adventure and compromise…Minogue is a promising writer” --Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

(Cast from the 2010 workshop production at the Havana)

After a sold-out & critically acclaimed workshop production Prodigals returns for its official World Premiere. Set in a small bar in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, six young underachievers await the results of a murder trial that’s hit close to home. Their world of drinking, sarcasm and missed opportunities is flipped upside down when a former friend returns from Toronto to testify in the trial, reopening old wounds and creating some new ones as well.

3) SUMMER: Tough! by George F. Walker

August 23rd - September 4th

“Walker has an eye for the ridiculous and an imagination that packs his plays with action”
--New York Times

Bobby and Tina are nineteen. Bobby gets caught cheating. Tina finds out she’s pregnant. Jill, Tina’s best friend, hates Bobby and welcomes the opportunity to kick his ass. Sometimes life is tough. First written in 1993 this dark comedy by George F. Walker is a wrenchingly funny, painful, and honest depiction of the conflicting desires and troubled relationships that continue to epitomize young people today.

See you at the theatre!

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer

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