Friday, September 3, 2010

Everybody Has An Opinion: II

It’s the final weekend!! You’ve got 3 more chances – tonight (Friday), Saturday night and Sunday night – to check out Blue Surge. Here are a few more comments/reviews and photos for your reading and viewing pleasure:

"Evertt gets good work from all five actors…Leroux (as Curt) has some charming moments--especially the scene in which he eagerly identifies trees by a set of flashcards that Sandy tests him with. Pratt, as Heather, has a couple of good drunk scenes, and it's pretty funny when buck naked Doug flashes his badge at her in the massage parlour”Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

From L to R: Megan McGeough as Sandy & Jeremy Leroux as Curt. Photo courtesy of Jergus Oprsal.

“Twenty Something Theatre’s economic production does have much to recommend it. One just has to accept that hookers and cops are just as ‘screwed-up’ as the rest of us – hardly much of a stretch”
John Jane,

From L to R: Chris Rosamond as Doug & Jeremy Leroux as Curt. Photo courtesy Jergus Oprsal.

Get your tickets at the door or through Tickets Tonight. We looking forward to seeing you all at the show this long weekend!!!

~Sabrina Evertt,
Artistic Producer

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