Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Everybody Has An Opinion

Lately, there has been much controversy in the blogosphere regarding the ongoing debate regarding reviewers vs bloggers. I’ve even discussed this myself previously. I believe it all has a purpose. Critics/Reviewers have an important function because they are there to critically analyze your work. Great, we need that, so we all can be held up to a higher standard. But Bloggers/Reviewers also have an important function because they are there in many ways as a representative of your average audience member. They are there for the experience.

I honestly welcome all opinions so below are a few audience and reviewer comments from week one of Blue Surge:

“Claire Lindsay brings a lively intelligence and subtle responsiveness to Beth. When Curt accuses Beth of not wanting to sleep at his place because it’s not good enough for her, Beth doesn’t speak, but you can see the guilt register on her face. Chris Rosamond, who plays Curt’s horny cop pal, Doug, and Tara Pratt, who takes the role of Doug’s girlfriend, Heather, deliver freewheeling characterizations”Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

“The actors who portray the main characters manage to intensely immerse themselves in their work, so much so that they made me want to slap them (particularly Leroux as Curt and McGeough as the sweet Sandy). I’m not surprised that Evertt and her cast and crew achieve such an intense and in-depth exploration of terrain that is often uncharted. This is no Pretty Woman, don’t get your hopes high. This is intense drama…”Raul Pacheco, Hummingbird604.com

“The inside of Studio 16 felt like I’d just stepped into a small New York theatre with only about 6 rows of seating, forcing you to feel like you’re practically in the play as well. The intimate setting was perfect for this production, which I decided that I like more than most movies I’ve seen lately. Within the first 15 minutes, Blue Surge had me completely encompassed in the happenings of the actors”
Alicia (aliciafashionista.blogspot.com), Back on the Block

“Lindsay, Rosamond and Pratt all attack their own characters with gusto. Lindsay is perhaps given the least to work with by playwright Gilman, which is a real shame as when she is called upon, she delivers beautifully. Rosamond and Pratt are nice counterpoints to the more serious relationships around them”Mark Robins, GayVancouver.net

Thank you to all who came out to see the show this past week. I appreciate you sharing your opinion with us. I will finish the post with one more highlight from Colin Thomas:

“Twenty-Something Theatre fills an important function in Vancouver’s cultural ecology: it offers edgier scripts, including original works such as Sean Minogue’s Prodigals and, even in its name, attempts to appeal to a younger demographic. Our city needs theatrical entrepreneurs like the company’s artistic director Sabrina Evertt.”

So come on out and support Twenty-Something Theatre and its most recent production of Blue Surge. It will continue to run this week until Sunday, September 5th at Studio 16.

See you at the show!!!

~Sabrina Evertt,
Artistic Producer

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