Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Coffee Talk with Megan McGeough

Megan is not only new to Twenty-Something Theatre, she’s new to the Vancouver theatre scene as well. About to enter her third year at UBC, Megan was last seen performing in the Bridge Mix Festival. She’s now tackling the complex role of “Sandy” in the upcoming production of Blue Surge.

Hey Megan! So what coffee are you drinking there?

Uh, it’s actually not coffee it’s chai tea latte. (grins)

Mmmm yum! So tell me about a movie or play that was really memorable for you.

Well I saw Glengarry Glen Ross a few days ago. I saw it on Opening Night and I was really, really stoked to see it on Opening Night. Yeah, I really enjoyed it! As far as theatre goes, honestly I’m not the biggest theatre buff – I’m a huge movie buff. I seem to know everything about movies and not enough about theatre, which is not good. I need to know more about theatre! (laughs) Favourite shows? Hmm, probably The Wizard of Oz. I saw a production of that when I was in elementary school and I was like, “Oh my God I love this so much!” I really liked the girl who played “Dorothy” and thought it was amazing and was like, “Yup, I want to do that.”

Did seeing that then inspire a love of the arts, film and theatre?

I was always involved in productions in elementary school and high school as well. I don’t remember a specific time when I decided that I always wanted to do this; it was like I always knew. I always used to dress up and write out plays with my sister and perform them.

Oh cool! And who would you be performing for?

Family members mostly, those who were interested. They’d be like, “Oh yeah, good job!”

You’re studying English Lit and Film Studies at UBC. Tell us a bit about that.

I just decided my major recently and am going to focus on Film Studies. I love films! All I really want to do is act to be honest. But I really want to study it to learn more about it and hopefully that will help me in some aspects. I could always get into production as well. I just remember watching films and being like, “Oh cool, you can do that – discuss films and get marked on it?”

How do you relate or not relate to your character “Sandy”?

She’s very much still a child/teenager. She has these moments where she’s very naïve, or insecure, or just really girlie. There are other times when she’s very hard-edged, which is harder for me to connect to, but I can see how she’s like that. It’s interesting to think about because I feel I’m very conservative in a lot of ways, or that I can come off like that. In other ways I’m a lot about having a good time and partying, and I can see that in her. There’s a bit of a teenage-rebellious side and how she is with her mom.

Do you empathize with her?

Yeah I do. It’s sometimes hard for me to really relate to her though. I’ve been very lucky to have had such a great family. And she hasn’t had anything. She talks about high school and she remembers it – being only fresh out of high school herself. I feel like that was her only fun time. Even though she talks about times that weren’t that great, like not having much money like the other girls and how she felt cheap when she went to her prom because she didn’t have a nice dress – it makes me think about the “why” for her.

What’s it been like to tackle this role and be a part of this production?

Well I’ve really liked working with people who have all this experience! The other actors and Sabrina – everyone’s done lots of shows and is really professional. I haven’t really been in lots of shows before, and nothing like this. I did the Bridge Mix Festival recently and I was a prostitute in that as well. Yes, more hookers. My friends were like, “A hooker again? Really?” (laughs) Sabrina really knows what she wants and she’s very composed when she’s directing. She’s like, “Okay now try this, or try this.” All the other actors have lots of experience. Jeremy’s older than me and has lots. It’s cool because I’ve never been in a show quite like this before.

Why should people come and see Blue Surge?

Nudity! (laughs) People should come and see it because it’s very honest. The parts with me and Curt are brutally honest, sometimes harsh, and there are awkward moments. There’s a lot of tension sometimes too. It’s really well written and you can feel that when you’re performing it. But really, it’s just very honest and that’s why people should come.

You can catch Megan in Blue Surge later this month at Studio 16. Performances run from August 24 – September 5 at 8 pm. Tickets may be purchased from Tickets Tonight or by calling the box office at 604-684-2787.

~ Sarah MacKay
Associate Producer

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