Monday, July 12, 2010

Thank You For Not Wasting My Time

In the last blog post I had just one request and that was: PLEASE DON'T WASTE MY TIME.

Well, God, the Universe, Whatever, must've been listening because Actor #11 showed up to audition on Saturday afternoon EARLY. Hallelujah!!!

And, I'm not just saying this, he actually turned out to have better chemistry with the actress playing Heather than Actor #10 so we offered him the role. He's accepted and read the scene where the nudity is involved AND is willing to take it on. Thank god. For that alone, my hat goes off to Actor #11, because he's apparently in the 1% of actors in this city who are brave enough.

So, it looks like we (finally) have our entire cast for Blue Surge (*knocks on wood*) and just in time for rehearsals to start tonight. Full cast announcement to come soon I promise.

Until then I just have one more thing to say: Dear God, the Universe, Whatever, if you are still listening, could you please let it be smooth sailing from here on out. Thank You.

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer

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