Friday, April 16, 2010

The Director

Call me an unabashed romantic, but for me starting rehearsals is like
falling love. You’ve made your decision to be with this play, to let
it occupy your days and nights for the foreseeable future. You’ve
given up some of your freedom – you could be out with friends, or at
home catching up on the last season of "Lost". There are also other
projects out there you could be doing… did you choose the right one?

Then comes the first rehearsal. The awkward little speech you’ve
planned in your head to kick things off that never goes quite
according to plan. Everyone’s nervous and trying to impress each
other. Am I trying too hard? Do they think I’m a douchebag?

(Photo courtesy Peter Boychuk)

Then the work starts, and you start to feel at ease. You know this
road and it feels good to be driving again. You’ve forgotten how
energizing this all is. Feeding off each other’s ideas, engaging
creatively with talented people. The exhilaration when the room breaks into spontaneous laughter. The thrill at breaking open a problem section. Before you know, it’s time to go home. What, it’s over already?

The next rehearsal is even better than the first. It really starts to
cook when you get it on its feet. The blocking comes quickly and
naturally. Fuck these are good actors! Damn this is a great script.
You’ve read it a hundred times and your admiration for it continues to grow. You start to display truly dork-like excitement, which is always how you can tell it’s going well. During a break, you think: why would anyone choose to do anything else with their lives?

How lucky we are that we get to experience this over and over. This is the 13th show I’ve had the chance to direct and it never gets old. What an amazing life we get to lead.

~Peter Boychuk
Director, Prodigals

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