Sunday, April 25, 2010

Coffee Talk with Abby Renee Creek

Abby is one of the original actors (along with Aslam) who has been with Prodigals since the first table read over a year ago. She’s been invaluable in developing this play and she is as dedicated on stage as she is behind the scenes. Last year, after the scary firing business (read this) she jumped on board – even though she was extremely busy at the time – and became my Front of House manager. And, she’s an extremely talented actress. She recently finished touring Salt Water Moon with the Arts Club after it was picked up from Hoarse Raven last summer and she played Bee-Bee in our production of Suburbia two years ago.

A little story: A director I didn’t really know much about back then came to see Suburbia and was so impressed with Abby’s performance that he emailed me an audition notice to send out to the entire cast. So I did. Later I learned that one of the main reasons he sent me that audition notice was because he was specifically hoping that Abby would come to audition for him. She did. That director was Peter Boychuk.

Plus any actor that lets me put up a photo on my blog of them doing a monkey face is a-okay in my books!

Ok, back to Prodigals, Abby you’ve been with this script since the first reading. Can you tell us a little bit about how the script, and in particular your character of Nina, has developed and what the experience of workshopping a new play has been like?

It has been really amazing to watch this play develop over the past year! Nina's character has grown from this character who comes in and yells in one scene to a full person, and it has been pretty neat exploring her through the various versions. As a whole, I feel like every character has changed from outlines of characters, to fully developed people who could, is essence, have an entire play to themselves (if Sean ever felt the desire to write a sequel, ha ha).

Do you relate, at all, to your character, Nina, in the play?

To be completely honest, I had a hard time relating to her at the beginning of the workshop process, but over the past year I have realized that I have so much in common with her - I grew up in a small town, and witnessed a lot of small town hi-jinx!

Tell us your “I wanna be an actor” story…

I didn’t grow up wanting to be an actor actually - it wasn’t until my Grade Twelve year that I realized how much I loved performing and that it might be a legitimate option! Luckily, I have the most supportive parents in the world, and they have given me so much guidance (not to mention my late night calls asking for “rent donations”)

Ok, side bar, what is it with all these talented young actors who didn’t intend to be actors but somehow just fell into. It’s sort of bizarre!

Anyways, if you had one piece of advice for aspiring young actors, those just starting a training program or going to their first audition, what would it be?

Do some research on all of the different training programs out there (and there are a lot!). Talk to as many people as you can about their experiences, and make as many contacts as you can!

And finally, why should people come out to see Prodigals?

It’s a slice of life kind of story - guaranteed that everyone can relate to what these people are going through. Everyone has been through the “what am I doing with my life” stage, and if you haven’t then maybe this play will help you when you get there!

Many thanks to Abby, as always. They have their last rehearsal today before we move into the theatre tomorrow! Two days and counting…

See you at the Havana!

(photos courtesy of Abby Renee Creek)

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer

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