Monday, March 22, 2010

Do You Really Want A Job?

Recently I put out a posting for a position with the design and production team for our upcoming production of Prodigals. And, every time I put out of posting looking to fill positions I am always amazed at the amount of weird applications I get. For example, in this past go around, I had someone literally just email me a link to their photo sharing account. No cover letter. No resume. Not even a paragraph of introduction in their email. Just one line that said “I have experience designing costumes, props, and things of that nature” and then a link.

So, out of curiousity, I clicked on the link to find an album entitled “things i have made”. Exactly like that. And in that album are about 12 photos of random wooden figurines and spacemen and other such "things of that nature".

Now, this leads me to think one of two things: 1) this is some kind of joke…hahaha, aren’t you funny and clever or b) this person is serious and doesn’t have a clue.

And, to be perfectly honest I’m still not sure which one it is because frankly that seems like a lot of effort to be a joke but it also lacks a lot of effort to make it a serious attempt at getting a job. I mean when someone sends in that sort of application my question is do you really want a job? do you really?

Isn’t it common sense that when you apply for a job you send in a cover letter and a resume? In my posting it even states right underneath the “How to Apply” section to “submit your cover letter and resume”. I think that pretty clearly states what I am looking for in your application. So even if it isn’t common sense to send a cover letter and resume then my next question is did you not read the posting?


Because if you can’t follow a few simple instructions on a job posting how am I supposed to trust that you can follow any sort of instruction in the actual position.

I was so flabbergasted by this application that I quickly sent out a tweet saying “Dear Applicant, Pls don't just send me a link to your photobucket acct. Maybe try a resume & cover letter?! Sincerely, Potential Employer” to which @ReallyTrulyProd sent me a tweet saying “@theatre_20 Likewise, when phoning to express interest in a job post, try leaving your full name & ph # twice in your msg. #jobhuntbasics”.

Thus prompting a short back and forth of the basics of job hunting including this gem: “@theatre_20 Another pet peeve: people who write 1 cover ltr, then send to 15 people. Then don't even use the bcc field! #jobhuntbasics”. And, furthermore, prompting me to write this blog.

So, I thought, hey let’s put together a list of basic tips (things we all think are common sense or certain pet peeves) and then, before I put out my next batch of postings for positions in April, I’ll post the list for all future job seekers to look at before they go shooting themselves in the foot. Because if people, like the person who emailed me, really do want to get a job then they need some help on what to do… or more likely what not to do.

So let’s help them out, ‘kay?! Leave me your tips, comments and any other suggestion.

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer

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