Monday, March 29, 2010

Actor Needed

So, life as a producer is never easy, and this past week well let me just say... that it is times like this that life as a producer is not only not easy but it down right sucks. In the past two weeks I've had our rehearsal venue fall thru and one of the actors pull out so now I am left scrambling to puzzle-peice together various different rehearsal venues as well as find an actor suitable to the role. All before they start rehearsal this coming Saturday.

And, on that note, here is a general posting for the role we need to fill:

Male role in Prodigals: a new play by Sean Minogue

Presented by Twenty-Something Theatre
Directed by Peter Boychuk

Run: April 27 – May 2, 2010, Havana Theatre
Audition Day: Friday, April 2, 2010

Rehearsals: Tues/Thurs evening and Sat/Sun daytime for the month of April (approx 50 hours). ***If you are not available for the stated rehearsal times DO NOT submit.

Require: 1 male (age 20-30) to play the role of Greg - A loudmouth drunk who lives off his “old country” Italian parents. He expects little from life and gets as much in return. He would prefer having a guaranteed good time over taking a risk any day. Greg has never had a real relationship because he’s emotionally immature. More than anything, he loves to bitch.

Synopsis of the play: Set in a small bar in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, six young underachievers await the results of a murder trial that’s hit close to home. Their world of drinking, sarcasm and missed opportunities is flipped upside down when a former friend returns from Toronto to testify in the trial, reopening old wounds and creating some new ones as well.

To submit please send your resume to

Deadline: 6pm Thursday, April 1, 2010

Please forward this on to anyone you may know who might be interested and available.

Many Thanks!

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer

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