Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In the Slow Times

Hopefully if you are very lucky in your life as an artist you will never have a ‘slow time’ but for many of us that is sadly not the case. This year November is my ‘slow time’.

I’m not working on anything currently. The next costume design contract doesn’t start until the first week of December. Things for my own theatre company won’t really start to pick up again until the New Year. So, what do I do with my time?

Well to be honest I pretty much do nothing (hence the lack of interesting tweets). And, by that, I mean I kind of hermit myself especially if it is November and raining every single day. Then I take this ‘slow time’ as an opportunity to regroup and figure out what my goals are and the things I want to accomplish in the future…

No wait, that must be someone else, because most of the time I just end up watching tv on my computer. Don’t judge me, I mean I can’t sit around all day, staring into space and pondering the big life questions, can I?!

Ok, so seriously, what do I do then? I try to do all the admin work that I don’t have time for the rest of year. The boring stuff like filling out those government documents I need to complete for the CRA (Please don’t come and audit me. Thank you.) I hate it because it is a mind-boggling mind-field of language that even the most intelligent of us don’t understand. Trust me. I took these documents to my lawyer on Friday and both of us were a bit stumped with certain questions.

But, this is where watching tv on my computer comes in handy. I do a little bit of work, then I watch the next episode of Dexter and then I do a little more work. It’s a reward system. I’m five years old and after I’ve been a good girl and gotten some work done I give myself a gold star and watch tv.

Don’t make fun of me. It works.

Oh, and this year, I’ve been trying to organize the disaster area that I call my office. To me, I can find anything, anywhere, at any time. It’s my own organizational and filing system I like to call “Piles of Paper”. But, to other people, it looks like the photocopier threw up all over the place.

Ok, so now that I’ve let you in on a few of the more idiosyncratic, behind-the-scenes elements of my day-to-day, now it's your turn?

What do you do in your ‘slow time’?

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer


  1. I try to plan out the next project or tackle some writing in the slow times. Also read plays to see what I may want to direct next.

  2. Thanks for sharing Justen.

    Me too. I read a lot of plays. All the time.

    I just finished reading "The Coming World" by Christopher Shinn. That guy is a genius.