Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Good, Good Night

I love when I get excited about something enough to want to write a blog post about it. It means whatever I have seen or experienced made the wheels inside my head start turning and that, my friends, is a what good theatre should do.

Ask and you shall receive. That’s the saying, right?! Well on Thursday I wrote a post asking for my theatre experiences to be a little less on the boring side and a little more on the entertaining side. And viola! I found myself smack in the midst of one of the most entertaining shows this year: The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood playing at the Waterfront Theatre from now until January 2, 2010.

I laughed until my eyes were watering. The Sheriff of Nottingham (Josue Laboucane) and Guy of Gisborne (Ryan Beil) were absolutely hysterical as the baddies. Robin Hood (Lawrence Haegert) and his merry men spent most of the play sword-fighting, shooting arrows and swinging on ropes. And the end…oh the end. There might be a little singing and dancing but I won’t give it away. Just go see it because trust me it will definitely be a “good, good night”.

This was fairy-tale storytelling shrek-style and it was pure fun! The best part is I could tell, as an audience member, everyone on stage was having fun too!

I’ve never been to a Carousel Theatre production before (I know, I know, my bad) but if this is the quality of show they put on you can be sure I’ll go back. Yes, it is a TYA theatre production, but this show is fun for all ages. The little kids were shrieking and laughing which makes my grown-up heart burst because if this is the type of theatre kids are being introduced too then we are definitely building an audience for the future. Teenagers will love all the pop-culture references, even if they pretend not to in order to look cool to their friends, and every adult in that theatre last night was walking around with a giant smile on their faces. They weren’t there just to give their kids a good time. They were having just as much fun as the kids.

And guess, what?! The house was packed!!!

I haven’t said too much on my blog about the cuts to arts funding but it makes me sick to my stomach to think that a theatre company like Carousel - who puts on shows of this quality and who are helping to build the audiences of our future - is having their ability to do this kind of work threatened.

So, please, go support them. Last night was the first preview. Tonight is their official Opening Night. You have 5 weeks to go see this show. GO SEE IT!!! Take your kids. Take your parents. Your grandparents. Just go see it.

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer

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