Friday, October 2, 2009

That's A Wrap

So three weeks in Toronto and what have I accomplished &/or come away with?

I had one opportunity fall through and an interview for another opportunity that I also didn’t get.

I saw 8 films (2 Canadian, 1 Polish, 1 French, 1 British, 3 American), 3 comedy shows (1 stand-up, 1 sketch, 1 improv), 3 plays (1 in someone’s living room [don’t ask], 1 small independent and 1 large regional) and 2 musicals (1 local independent and 1 large commercial).

I discovered something fabulous called either “Goin Steady” or “Shake a Tail” depending on where you go. It is a 50’s & 60’s dance party that they have at two pubs/bars here in Toronto. It is all music from that time and people don’t go to be cool or be seen. They go to dance. And dance we did. Just ask my friend, who is a professional dancer, and who woke up the next morning with a sore neck. It is so much fun. It was more fun than I have had any night going out dancing in Vancouver because, sorry to say it, but Vancouver takes itself way to seriously. Lighten up a bit, put on some clothes and just dance. This is one of the things I will definitely miss about TO so I am currently thinking of ways I can bring this back to Vancouver with me.

And, generally I found that people are more active in their lives as “artists”. What do I mean by more active? I’ll give you two examples:

1) A group of actors that I met formed something they call “Actor’s Fight Club”. It takes place once a week on a Monday night. It isn’t a mandatory thing. It is drop-in so every week the people could be different. Actors bring in scenes or songs to present to the rest of the group for feedback. You can bring in something you are working on in a class or preparing for an audition or just because you want to continue developing your skills as an actor.

2) A group of friends, of the friend that I am staying with, formed something they call the “House of Waps” (don’t ask, don’t know, don’t even know if I am spelling it right). It is a night of the arts. It is artists from all walks of life from musicians to filmmakers to arts managers getting together to share what they do. First a couple of musicians played some of their songs then they did a film screening. They painted a white square on the brick wall of their outdoor patio and set up a projection system. The next week (I couldn’t go) they did another film screening.

This is wonderfully refreshing. It is artists getting together, being active with their art, and sharing it with other people rather than sitting around complaining. Since I have been here I haven’t heard one person complain. Interesting. Maybe it is because I haven’t been here long enough. But somehow I doubt it. I think people here are too busy “doing” to have time to complain.

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer

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