Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I’ve been in Toronto for 4 days so far and it has been non-stop-go-go-go. This is literally the first second I have had to sit down and chill and think to myself ‘Hey, maybe I’ll throw up a blog post today’.

Right now the city is currently in the midst of a little known festival, you might have heard of it, the Toronto International Film Festival. Otherwise known as TIFF. It is funny because in July I was here for the Fringe and now I am back for TIFF so really I couldn’t have picked two better times to be in Toronto. During both festivals there is so much energy and excitement going on with people running around town trying to fit in as many shows as possible.

My friend and I yesterday were sitting on the patio of a pub after seeing our fourth film and having a glass of wine and talking about the film and art and life and I just thought to myself life doesn’t get much better than this. Because of the flexibility and freedom of what we do as artists I have the ability to come to Toronto for a month and spend my days seeing films. Yes, it really doesn’t get much better than that.

So, what films have I seen? A polish film called “Mall Girls” which was a really disturbing look into the culture of teen girls living in Poland and the lengths to which they will go to get the things they want. My favourite so far has to be “Whip It” which is the new film starring Ellen Paige and directed (in her debut as a director) Drew Barrymore. I was completely surprised by this film. I new I would like it but I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. It was so captivating and funny and from the heart. Next was “Harry Brown” starring Michael Caine as this vigilante who goes around killing these street gang kids. It was VERY disturbing but, hey, it made us talk. We left that film and were discussing it for probably at least the next hour or so. And, the same can be said about the film we saw yesterday which was “The Informant” starring Matt Damon. Matt Damon was actually quite brilliant in it. It is hilarious but when you realize what you are laughing at it also makes you realize how disturbing the whole thing is.

On today’s agenda we’ve got two more films “Suck” and “Cole”. I don’t really know too much about these ones yet so I am excited to be surprised.

And, let me know, if you have any suggestions of other films to see.


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