Friday, September 18, 2009

TIFF 09: Part II

Before I left for Toronto I wrote a post about finding the energy and inspiration again. Well I found it: a film called “Cole” directed by Carl Bessai. This movie was incredible. The direction, the acting, the music. Just phenomenal. And the best part is that it is a Canadian film set in Lytton, BC and has a lot of Vancouver actors in it. A home grown film that is as good as any “hollywood” film if not better than most. Now that is something to be inspired by.

The lead role of Cole is played by Richard de Klerk and his portrayal of this character was mesmerizing. It was simple and truthful. Chad Willett portrayed the character of Bobby who you loved to hate. Both were there at the screening along with Carl Bessai, and his producer, Jason James, and at the end of the film they all did a talkback with us, the audience.

And, while the film was incredible, this talkback was probably what inspired me the most. All of them talked with such passion and energy about what they do. You could tell they do it because they love it. They talked about how the three of them (Carl Bessai, Richard de Klerk, and Jason James) would just get into some SUV with a camera and a boom and go backroading through the country-side on their time off to get shots of the landscape. I mean, how cool, is that?! They lived in the town and really became a part of it. Riding their bicycles to and from the shoot. The producer made mix-tapes and they would drive around Lytton with them playing so he could get a feel for what kind of music they wanted. They were all there to make a great film. How can you not be inspired by that?!

I have never really been interested in film-making; however, "Cole" may have just changed my mind.


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