Friday, August 7, 2009

Killer Good Time

Yes, yes, it has been awhile but since my last post on Tuesday, July 28th. Since my last post the course of events that have transpired have been overwhelmingly stressful and have taken my full attention; thus, the lack of blog posts and twitter activity. I am still in the midst of processing and resolving the events that have transpired so unfortunately I am not here to blog about that today. Soon, though, I promise.

What I am going to blog about today is our upcoming fundraiser on Wednesday, August 19th, 7pm at the Roxy Burger on Granville Street. Thank you to Kevan (who plays Robert in the show) for organizing this for us!

Tickets are $10 which includes 1 free drink (approx value of $5) plus if you hold onto the hard copy of your ticket and show it at the box office during the run of the show you will get $5 off the price of admission.

So, basically it's free. Everyone loves free stuff, right?!

There will be a 50/50 draw and lots of raffle prizes. Plus we will be having a special presentation at 10pm. You'll just have to show up to find out what it is.

See you there!

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer

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