Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Bloody Night

A week or so ago Simon from The Next Stage posted a blog about the beauty of live theatre. Anything can happen and so it did. The SWAT team showed up during Itsazoo’s production of The Road to Canterbury.

Well this must be a summer for crazy things happening because last night we had to cancel the second half of the show due to an actor being injured on stage. The events as reported by the SM:

Act 2 was called off due to a “technical difficulty/emergency” right at the end of act 1:
o Rob/David slammed his hand on the door frame where the door closes. He continued to do the end of the act.
o When I reached the backstage area, Rob was holding his hand with a cloth, Kirsten was there as well.
o Kevan, Emilie and Jergus (thank you!) performed first aid on him.
o At 9:30pm, I made the call to cancel the 2nd act.
o Kevan drove him to the hospital. I spoke with Kevan briefly afterwards (around 11:00pm). He then drove Rob home.
o Rob received 4 stitches; he will be wearing some sort of bandage for the next week or so. The Dr. gave him a go-ahead for tomorrow’s show. After 4 days, he will be able to take off the bandages.
o Jergus and Patrick took care of the door frame where Rob was injured.

It was a total fluke. Everyone was freaking out wondering what he could have cut himself on. There were no sharp edges on the wood or anything. Then they looked at the plate on the inside of the door. It had blood on it. You know how “real” doors have a metal plate where the door handle is and sometimes it sticks out just a tinsy-tiny bit. Well it just so happened that Rob scraped his hand on that tinsy-tiny bit when going to open the door. Jergus took off the metal plate from the door handle and now hopefully (fingers crossed) there will be no more accidents.

Anything can happen: it is the beauty (not sure if that is the right word in this instance but…) of live theatre.

I offered everyone the opportunity to come back and see Act II for free with their ticket stub from that evening. The audience seemed to be ok with the cancellation and hopefully they will all come back to find out what happens.

Tonight is Opening Night, and to borrow a phrase, let's all "keep calm and carry on".

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer/
Director, “Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love”

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