Friday, July 17, 2009

Year End Report

So, as all us not-for-profits know, there is that time of year where we sit down and crunch our numbers. We are required by the government to have year-end financial statements that will accompany our annual report that we file with the government.

This is neither fun nor exciting but it does make you take a moment to reflect on (hopefully) the progress you’ve made in the last year. You can see where some things may have gone off track or where you made a brilliant leap forward. So, instead of thinking of it as a chore maybe we should start thinking of it as an opportunity to learn and set new goals for the year ahead.

What happened this past year:
  • We added a second show during the winter: The Fever by Wallace Shawn.
  • Audience attendance went up again. Not in leaps and bounds like the previous year but by a steady 6.5%
  • We secured another media sponsor: The Westender
  • We started working together with another local independent theatre, Pi Theatre, in order to help us raise funds
  • We fundraised over $5000 through various methods such as corporate sponsorship, running concession(s) and individual donations.
  • We got a proper website up and running that is easy for us to use and modify ourselves.
  • Actor & Director interviews for The Fever appeared on The Next Stage and CiTR Radio 109.1
  • The Fever was chosen as part of the Georgia Straight’s Winter Preview
  • A photo preview of SubUrbia appeared on the Fashion Magazine website.
  • Our shows were reviewed by the Vancouver Courier, Globe & Mail, Westender, The Republic of East Van, Review Vancouver, CiTR Radio 109.1.

Some goals set for this year:

  • Continue to grow our audiences (evaluate in September)
  • Acquire Charitable Status (working on it)
  • Continue to work with other local independent theatre companies in order to help raise funds (DONE: Patrick Street Productions)
  • Secure a season sponsor (DONE: Nexus Investment Corporation)
  • Hire a publicist (DONE: Jodi Smith…and she’s already acquired an interview with the Vancouver Province)
  • Get professional publicity photos (DONE: David Cooper took some amazing shots)
  • Increase social media presence (Well…I think that one pretty much speaks for itself since I am writing this in my Blog that I will then link to my Twitter account).

All in all I’m pretty happy with the progress we made last year and I am extremely happy with the progress we’ve made so far this year. Let’s hope it continues.

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer

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