Monday, July 13, 2009

Toronto: The Rest

Ok, so I think I was a little overly ambitious thinking I was going to Blog, diary-style, while I was in Toronto. I barely had time to sleep let alone sit down in front of my computer to write. I did manage to get one out about my first two days (or day and a half) while I was there. Now I am home and here is the rest.


My friend didn’t have a show that day so we set out to see the city. First stop however, was breakfast/brunch and we ate this diner-style place just off of Dundas Square called The Senator. I love diners (the real kind not the kitchy ones made to look like diners) and this place was great. After we were sufficiently stuffed full of eggs and coffee we set out towards to waterfront.

From there we walked along the water and back up towards Theatre Passe Muraille where the Fringe show Nebraska was being presented. Nebraska is a country-rock musical that is “based on the true events of the 1957 Starkweather/Fugate Murders in Lincoln Nebraska”. Beyond this I knew nothing of this show and I had no friends in it either so I am completely unbiased when I tell you that it was excellent. Obviously the Fringe is over and I don’t know if they are putting it on at another Fringe or not but if you have the chance to ever catch this show again go see it. This is the kind of new theatre we need to be seeing. It was fresh and contemporary even though it was set in 1957. The music was great and it was all around a very well done piece of theatre. You can check out the Toronto Star review and Now Magazine designated it a “Critic’s Pick” as well as gave it 4 stars.

Afterwards we hit the beer tents at the Fringe and stayed until the beer tents turned into the Fringe club complete with a rockin’ DJ.


After the previous nights activities we didn’t actually get out of the house until 2:30pm. We made our way into town and grabbed some food at a pub/bistro on Bloor. By then it was 5pm and my friend’s call time for her show was 8pm plus we were slightly hungover (hmmmm, have you guessed the theme of this trip yet) so we went to the park and had a nice little lay around for a couple hours. I seem to have spent a lot of time napping in parks on this trip.

My friend’s show is called Quarterlife: The Musical. She plays the character of Amy and will also being playing the role of Candy in our upcoming production of Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love.

The production was actually originally produced in Vancouver last September at the Beaumont Studios and won the 2008 Ovation award for Outstanding New Work. This new version is a cut 90 minute version with 3 actors from Toronto who joined the cast. Congratulations to you all!

Photo courtesy of Feisty Fairy Productions

Afterwards we all headed out for a drink and I met up with a friend who actually helped me produce Twenty-Something’s very first production of This Is Our Youth. We didn’t get home until 4am. I slept for an hour and a half. Got up at 5:30am….


….and flew home.

Now I am going to attempt to restore my body to normal functioning capabilities as rehearsals start tomorrow for Remains and I think it would be a good idea if my brain was firing on all cylinders.

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer

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