Friday, July 10, 2009

Toronto: Day One & A Half

So as I had mentioned in an earlier post I was going to Toronto to visit friends, do the Fringe thing and just generally explore the city. I've never been before and yesterday was technically the first full day but I did arrive on Wednesday afternoon. So, really, this post is about day one and a half.

Wednesday after catching up with my friend who I hadn't seen in awhile we made our way into Downtown Toronto (She is staying out in Etobicoke). Our first stop was this great little restaurant, Grace, in Little Italy. Great atmosphere, food and service. If you are in Toronto check it out. Pretty decent prices as well.

Now I'll preface this next part by saying at the restaurant we had already downed a bottle of wine. Then we stopped off at a bar called The Embassy in the Kensington Market area to have a few cocktails. While we were there the bartender said "Shots?" and it all went down-hill from there. After a few drinks and a couple of rounds of tequila we ended up in some place called The Something-Or-Other (can't remember what the full title is) Sex Bar. Most random place ever with the most random mix of people. I am pretty sure we stuck out like a sore thumb but at that point we also pretty much didn't care.

Next Day, due to a really bad hangover and headache, I opted out of touring the city and pretty much parked my butt on a patch of grass in the sun and slept while my friends were doing their Fringe show.

But, after we managed to nap and sort ourselves out, we did manage to catch the Fringe show Circus. It is a one-man show created and performed by Sebastian Kroon, who is playing Bernie in our upcoming production of Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love. It was a really good show and some of the special effects were really cool. He had a big-top tent-like set piece that was also a costume piece. When he slid his arms in and the lights went dark, with the exception of one black light, the big-top tent-like set piece would turn into his Ringmaster costume. Plus somehow the black light also illuminated his face to make it look like he was wearing a mask. Really cool effect and a great performance.

Afterwards we headed to a swank bar/lounge place called BarChef where my friend ordered the $45 Manhattan that comes presented to you in a smoky glass box as the drink is infused with Hickory smoke and something else. The presentation is pretty impressive but I don't know if I would pay $45 for a cocktail; however, she said it was worth every penny. I had one of the cocktails from the Recession page. It was $8. That is about all I can afford. We had some food as well which was all in all pretty good but the cheese platter was excellent.

Then we took the streetcar home. To the end of the line. Proceeded to walk out of the streetcar and were instantly bombarded by the most horrifying smell ever. Apparently we were right near the treatment plant. Just lovely. We booked it into a cab and were off home to bed.

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer

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