Friday, July 24, 2009


So, it's been almost two weeks now that we've been rehearsing for Human Remains. Wow. Crazy intense show! There is so much action and blocking to work out as everyone is on stage the entire time that it's left me feeling...well, less than envious of Sabrina. That being said, I'm also in awe of her! She is incredibly organized and has a great vision of what she wants to see. I think sometimes it's a little difficult because, even though it may not feel like everyone is being utilized, it's such a collective process that it makes such a massive difference having everyone there. And it's great for me cause I like all the cool cats in the cast and I get to talk to them!

Photo courtesy of Kirsten Kilburn

Working a cast of seven is a great opportunity to understand everyone's creative process, the ways in which they communicate, and the tools they use to find the journey of their character. I find that I'm learning new methods every day from my fellow artists. Thanks, guys. I'm totally stealing!

I can't wait for the upcoming rehearsals and the growth of the show that's about to take place. Having the blocking worked out initially I think is going to allow us to really explore and find that journey as our bodies will already know the path to take. Which is where I'm off to now...

~Kirsten Kilburn
Candy, "Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love"

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