Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Seems like every time I go on holidays I come back to pouring rain. Hmmmm...this makes my plan of moving to the beach, setting up a yoga studio and forgetting all about theatre an even more enticing plan. But alas, I didn’t marry a Hawaiian surfer boy so the chances of me getting my green card are mighty slim, so looks like you are stuck with me.

A Brief Overview:

First we went to Waikiki for a few days where we stayed at the Sheraton Waikiki which is located right on the beach. Plus, the pool was situated next to the beach so you could sit at the pool and still see the ocean.

Best part: The bar was also pool/oceanside and they served literally the best Mai Tai’s ever (and trust me I’ve tried many)! And the day we arrived Bacardi was holding a promotional Mai Tai contest with all the best bartenders in Waikiki competing for the title of “The Best Mai Tai in Waikiki”. Then they served them during Happy Hour for $5 (Regular cocktails there can range from $10-$15). Gotta tell ya I freakin’ LOVE Happy Hour. Might be one of the best inventions ever (along with Brunch).

After Waikiki we set off to Kauai which, as I mentioned, is pretty much like home to me since I spent practically every summer there as a kid. As a result we don’t really do a lot of “touristy” stuff. Mainly I just park my butt at the beach or pool and read or listen to music (see blog post Rest & Relaxation). One day we did go out to a beach on the West Side where a Hawaiian monk seal came ashore.

The Hawaiian monk seal is an endangered species and is native to the Hawaiian islands. The Hawaiians refer to them as “illioholoikauaua” (pronounced ‘ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua’) or “dog that runs in rough waters”. They spend most of their time at sea but when they need to rest they will come up onto the beach. Since they are endangered there are rules for when they come ashore. Most often the area where a monk seal comes ashore will get roped off as it is Hawaiian state law that the public must stay 150 feet away from the monk seal. I did manage to catch the whole process on video if you want to check it out.

WARNING: I am not a professional and it was extremely windy!!! Watch at your own risk.


And now I should probably wrap up this blog post and get back to work. In the next two weeks we’ve got to finalize the costume and set design for the show, get the posters & flyers printed so we can paper the city, etc so on and so forth. Plus I am going to Toronto for 5 days to see some shows at the Toronto Fringe and in general explore the city. I’ve never been to Toronto before so I am excited to do that. I am thinking I will probably do a blog diary of my trip. There are lots of exciting things to come so stay tuned.

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer

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  1. So awesome! So jealous! Welcome home Sabrina, thanks for sharing...