Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rest & Relaxation

So, I am off on holidays for a week to San Diego to visit some family friends. These are the best kind of holidays sometimes. It isn’t about touring around, seeing the sights and going like mad until you crash on your pillow at 2am only to get up the next day and do it all again. When I’m “traveling” sometimes I get home and I need a vacation from my vacation but going on “holiday” is a whole other story.

If it is sunny and hot which it usually is because I am naturally a hot weather person and could sit roasting in the sun for hours on end. Why am I living in Vancouver then? God only knows. Often the schedule for my holiday looks something like this:

Get up, have a cup of coffee and read (either the newspaper or some book I’ve brought with me), have some breakfast, eventually put my bathing suit on & make my way to pool/beach where I will sit for the next 4-6 hours doing a combination of roasting, swimming, reading and/or listening to music. Somewhere in there I might take a break to have some lunch. Then I will pack up my stuff and head back to wherever it is I am staying. Have glass of wine. Read on the patio until the sun goes down. Have some dinner and go for a walk. Or if we (me and my holiday companion) are up for something really exciting maybe I’ll put on a sundress and go out for dinner. Go home. Read. Go to bed. Get up. Do it all again with the occasional break from roasting in the sun to check out the local shopping situation and come back with any insane amount of new shoes that I will then have to pack into my bag somehow.

This is my version of a good “holiday”. I personally believe it is of utmost important to take the time to relax and do absolutely nothing. This also means unplugging. A good holiday for me also involves turning my phone off when I set foot in the aircraft and not turning it back on until I set foot on Vancouver soil. I stay away from the internet, email and facebook. And now, this rule will also include include twitter and blogging.

So to all my blog readers and twitter friends sorry to disappoint but as of tomorrow, Sunday May 3rd, at approx. 7am I will be officially unplugged and on holiday mode. I will be back and plugged in on Monday May 10th.

Talk to you then!

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer

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  1. Great idea! Unplugging is something I am so guilty of not being able to do, and I need to get better at it.

    Have a great trip - maybe post some pics when you're back?