Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hiccups and Hardball

The course of a production never does run smooth. There are always a few hiccups along the way. Before I left on holidays I had one hiccup and then came back to another.

Hiccup #1: Up until a couple of weeks ago we had an “understanding” with the Venue we are performing in this summer. This “understanding” was originally agreed to last September. The reason I say “understanding” in quotations is because nothing was set in writing. Lesson #1: Always get things in writing. Then the management of the Venue changed hands and the old “understanding” was suddenly compromised. Basically last summer we received a summer discount and as far as I know a “summer” discount is a “summer” discount and since we are producing the show in the “summer” I was under the “understanding” that this would apply to all “summer” productions.

Apparently, not the case, as the new management then decided to do away with the “summer” discount. So here I am basically stuck between a rock and a hard place because venues (and reasonably priced ones at that) are hard to come by in this city and we are set to get the ball rolling on this production mid-May. I pretty much thought I was screwed.

Then I was told to play hardball.

So, I researched out other venues, and told the original venue that due to the fact that our “understanding” of what we had agreed to and budgeted for was no longer being offered that we would have to take our production elsewhere. Furthermore, I personally felt that even though other Venues are WAY more expensive it was much better to go somewhere where I wasn’t going to get screwed around.

But then a magical thing happened.

The original venue came back to me and said that they would honor the original “understanding” and give us our “summer” discount. Lesson #2: Don’t fuck with me. I’m a nice person, people call me sweet, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to rollover and take what you dish out. If you play nice so will I.

~Sabrina Evertt
Artistic Producer

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  1. You're kind of awesome! Lesson #2 is a very important one. None of us should rollover and take it...

    Glad the hiccups have been sorted, look forward to hearing more about the show!