Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Production Manager

I started working with Twenty-Something Theatre in the Spring of 2007. I was newly settled in Vancouver, and looking for opportunities to get involved in the Vancouver Theatre Community. I was immediately drawn to Twenty-Something, for the sense of contributing to the creation of opportunities for young Artists, which is something I am passionate about. Opportunities are the birthplace of creation, expression, skill refinement, collaboration, and a sense of belonging. If it wasn’t for the less experienced Actors, we would be staring at the very same faces all the time. If it wasn’t for the fresh design ideas and styles, artistic expression would dry up. If it wasn’t for the birth of new theatre companies, we would only have CATS and A Nutcracker to watch on stage.

My Career Path has been extremely varied. I started out as a Stage Manager in Edmonton 18 years ago, mostly Fringe Festival shows and very few paid very well, but those shows were the only dependable opportunities for a young artist to get involved in theatre - at least once a year. From that experience I developed two things- a love for collaboration based production, and a desire to make a living taking concepts and ideas and transforming them to reality. I graduated from two top Canadian theatre schools, the first to teach me to be a well rounded Tech, and the second to teach me to be a Manager. My Education and Festival background took me all around the world, and each experience taught me new skills, but I gradually drifted from the creation of theatre to the production of large scale events and festival management. I love my work very much, and am very fulfilled, but I do miss the theatre. I feel that perhaps my path would have been different if there were more opportunities to develop my skills as I was starting on my journey.

This will be my third summer as Production Manager with Twenty-Something Theatre, and I am very excited to be back. I love the company’s mandate, but perhaps what I mostly love is working with the Design and Management team to help them get the most of this experience, by sharing a little of what I know and to hopefully inspire once in a while. It’s all about what they take away with them. Their experience with Twenty Something Theatre leads to personal and creative growth which only benefits a burgeoning career as well as leads to a legacy of the creation of more opportunities.

Heather Young,
Production Manager

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